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The Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS)

ISAS are looking for radiographer assessors. Click here for details.

The Royal College of Radiologists and College of Radiographers have developed the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) to help diagnostic imaging services ensure that their patients consistently receive high quality services delivered by competent staff working in safe environments.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) deliver and manage ISAS on behalf of the Colleges and carries out assessments for accreditation against all elements of the ISAS Standard.

UKAS accreditation gives formal third-party recognition that an imaging services provider has demonstrated their organisational competence to deliver high quality imaging services.

The accreditation assessment team is made up of trained assessors, external peers and a lay person led by a UKAS assessment manager, who together take a holistic approach to determine a service’s overall ability to consistently deliver the best possible service to its patients and users.

ISAS is open to all providers of diagnostic imaging services across the UK.

“Standards need to be formulated to promote the likelihood of the service being delivered safely and effectively, to be clear about what has to be done to comply, to be informed by an evidence base and to be effectively measurable.”   Robert Francis QC, Chairman, Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry

ISAS has been approved by the CQC as an official information source to support its inspections, recognising that as a clinical service accreditation and peer-review scheme, it provides independent assurance that accredited services meet standards.

Why should imaging services gain accreditation?

Accredited imaging services give the people using them, the patients and their relatives, confidence in their diagnosis. It improves clinical governance standards, raises the level of competency and enhances the credibility of the service amongst patients and assures those who fund the services.

Imaging services who have been accredited say that service can expect ISAS to:

  • Support a focus on patient safety and care
  • Raise local standards and support continuous improvement
  • Act as leverage for change, staff motivation and sharing good practice
  • Provide third party confirmation of good practice
  • Enhance efficiency and value for money
  • Increase confidence in the service

High quality care is the cornerstone for good medical practice and both NHS and independent providers are seeking recognition of their standards. ISAS provides this independent third party accreditation.

The ISAS standard

The ISAS standard is clearly laid out and easy to understand.  It covers key aspects of an imaging service’s performance across four quality domains:

Clinical – to promote the service’s role in rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment
Patient experience – to ensure that service delivery is patient focused and respectful of the individual and their specific requirements
Facilities, resources and workforce – to ensure that adequate resources are provided and used effectively to offer a safe, efficient, comfortable and accessible service
Safety – to ensure that services provide the highest level of safety for patients, staff and others who come into contact with the service.

Spread across these four quality domains are 33 key ‘standard statements’ each of which addresses an aspect necessary for the provision of an independently recognised, high quality diagnostic imaging service. Each standard statement is accompanied by detailed professional guidance that provides advice on meeting it.

Pathways for achieving accreditation

Accreditation can be achieved via two routes, either a staged pathway with recognition for progress along the route or a direct pathway, whereby all documentation is submitted and assessed in one stage.

Helpful information is in the preparation information leaflet and the ISAS brochure.

Who is accredited?

There are currently 24 services which have achieved accreditation:

4 Ways Healthcare Ltd
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Breast Care Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital
Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Cobalt Health - Cobalt Imaging Centre
Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
General Hospital, Jersey
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust
Medica Reporting Ltd
Medical Imaging Partnership Ltd
Medway NHS Foundation Trust
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
Telemedicine Clinic Ltd
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust
Weston Area Health NHS Trust
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

All are happy to answer questions you may have about their experience and you are welcome to visit their sites. You will find their details here.

In addition, there are a hundred or so other imaging services engaged with the accreditation scheme at various points including all NHS services in Wales.

Find out more from the Colleges and UKAS

The Royal College of Radiologists and College of Radiographers can provide information and visit your service to discuss how ISAS can work for you and the benefits it will provide. The Colleges will also host webinars and meetings throughout the year as an introduction to ISAS.

To have a conversation about ISAS, discuss arranging a visit or attending a webinar, click here to contact Chris Woodgate, call 07921 835787 or visit


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