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CPD endorsement

Endorsement of CPD programmes, events and courses

CPD Now is the College of Radiographers’ online continuous professional development (CPD) portfolio system.  It enables members to record their CPD activities against one or more professional learning outcomes.  Endorsement demonstrates that the event or learning package meets the professional body's required standards for CPD and core CPD Now outcomes.  It is awarded by the College's Approval and Accreditation Board.

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CPD Now endorsement is valid for study days/conferences/events etc that are not credit bearing (i.e. PgC, PgD, MSc courses would be credit bearing) and do not confer competence.  We have an online submission system and relevant instructions and link to our online form are below.

The endorsement is valid for 2 years; however, any substantial changes during the period would require fresh endorsement.  Endorsement entitles you to use the CPD Now Endorsed logo on your publicity materials and attendance certificates along with a form of words which indicates which CPD Now outcomes the event may help attendees meet.  These will be forwarded to you after the application has successfully been reviewed.

The standard fee is £255 + VAT per endorsement.  Members of our Industry Partnership Scheme are entitled to a 25% discount, £190 + VAT.  The fee for NHS Trusts and universities is £100 + VAT.  However, universities and other education providers who take advantage of the Inclusive Annual Fees Package get up to 10 endorsements included in the package.

We have a flexible pricing structure which we apply to NHS/private providers' small group events such as student tutorials and learning sessions where attendees do not pay a registration fee – please contact for further details.  There is no fee for events/resources organised by SCoR National Councils and Regional Committees.
Further discounts are available to those who wish to endorse a large number of events or resources.

We can accept payment either by cheque/bankers draft or BACS and we are happy to invoice upon receipt of a purchase order number and confirmation of where we should direct the invoice.

We are unable to review applications unless payment has been received/agreed.

All endorsement applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the endorsement being required.

We are unable to review applications for events/activities that have already taken place.

Applying for endorsement

  • If you haven't already got one, create an endorsement account.
  • Login to the account here (you can reset your password from this page too).
  • Add a new application or manage your existing applications from the "Home" page.
  • Once your application is complete, ensure you press the "submit" icon to send the application to the College of Radiographers for review.
  • Pay the endorsement fee - cheques made payable to The College of Radiographers and sent to The Education Department, The Society and College of Radiographers, 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London SE1 2EW.  Please request BACS information or send purchase order number to

We will acknowledge your application and payment and contact you again once the application has been considered.

All endorsement applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the endorsement being required.

CPD Now endorsement - Hints and tips

  • Submit your application at least 6 weeks before the event - we receive a lot of applications and they take time to review carefully.
  • Have clear and achievable learning outcomes.
  • Proof read your submission and associated materials such as programmes, agendas or websites.
  • Define abbreviations and acronyms - the reviewer's specialty may not be the same as yours.
  • You can attach a document or event agenda to the application.

Core CPD Now outcomes

CPD resources are endorsed against one or more of the core CPD Now outcomes.  These are:

  1. Practical skills
  2. Knowledge base
  3. Work safely
  4. Legal/ethical frameworks or guidance
  5. Communication skills
  6. Manage knowledge/information
  7. High-quality health care/education services
  8. Patient centred care and choice
  9. Inter-professional/agency working or learning
  10. Leadership/management skillst
  11. Workforce development or staff governance
  12. Service design
  13. Financial planning
  14. Support and guidance for learners
  15. Understanding/application of teaching, learning and/or assessment
  16. Curriculum design, planning and development
  17. Widening participation in education/recruitment and retention of learners
  18. Integration of education and employment
  19. Evidence to support practice
  20. Knowledge and skills in audit/research
  21. Contribute published research evidence
  22. Further the profession
  23. Professional body/trade union

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