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Free access to e-learning for student radiographers

19 September, 2013
e learning access SoR

The SoR is delighted to announce that students and tutors can now access e-Learning for Healthcare's image interpretation and radiotherapy programmes, free of charge.

"This is fantastic news and we would like to acknowledge the particular support of e-LfH's Dr Julia Moore and Alan Ryan," said the SoR's director of professional policy, Audrey Paterson.

"They have been very sympathetic to our request for free access for students and we are grateful for their help in pushing this forward."

The Image Interpretation programme includes modules on the adult and paediatric skeleton; abdomen and chest; cross-sectional imaging for neuro-emergencies, both CT and MRI; musculoskeletal MRI; ultrasound imaging including gynaecological, abdominal, men's health, vascular, musculoskeletal, paediatric, head and neck and obstetric ultrasound; multi-modality breast imaging; gastrointestinal (GI) and genitourinary imaging; nuclear medicine imaging; and cardiac imaging.

There are also modules relating to forensic radiography and to introducing the various imaging technologies. Modules in development include neuro-imaging, interventional examinations, dental imaging, bone densitometry scanning, and some units that address managing patients with special needs.

Radiotherap-e aims to provide the knowledge base and practical skills training to support the implementation of advanced radiotherapy techniques in the UK. Modules include intensity modulated radiotherapy, image guided radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, prostate brachytherapy, and image guided brachytherapy for cervix cancers.

To validate eligibility for access and to register on the system, click here.

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