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NHS radiographers announce second wave of strike action

31 October 2014

The Society of Radiographers has announced a second set of industrial action in its dispute with the Government over NHS pay.

Diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy professionals who are members of the Society will join NHS workers from ten other health unions to take part in a UK-wide strike.

Radiographers will stop work for four hours on Monday, 24 November and will then work-to-rule for the remainder of that week. Emergency care will continue to be provided but pre-booked appointments and procedures may be affected

“Radiographers who work in the NHS in the four countries of the UK will participate,” said Richard Evans, the Society’s chief executive officer.

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our last strike. The public were very supportive and understood that this dispute is over more than just a pay rise, its about ensuring the NHS can recruit and retain highly skilled staff to deliver quality healthcare services,” he continued.

The action is being taken by members of the Society and other NHS trade unions because pay has not kept pace with inflation. The government rejected a recommended 1% pay rise in England for the current year and Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has said that there will be no increase in 2015. The pay freeze will have been imposed for four out of five years.

“Across the UK members have seen the purchasing power of their pay eroded and quite rightly want to see an end to that with future increases in line at least with inflation.”

“Radiographers will try and keep the effect on patients to a minimum but radiographers and other healthcare workers have got to the stage that they feel there is no alternative,” Richard Evans commented.

“Because of inflation, staff in the NHS have been taking a year-on-year pay cut. Unless we show the government that we are serious about our claim that NHS staff should be treated fairly, they will continue to take advantage of our goodwill,” he continued.

“There is a shortage of radiographers, which already has an effect on the timely delivery of diagnostic examinations and the treatment of cancer, which has direct negative consequences on patients.

“Without reasonable and proper recognition of the work that they do, it is increasingly likely that qualified professionals will leave radiography and it will become even more difficult to recruit the additional people which are needed.”

The unions taking part in the action are:

Society of Radiographers (SoR)
Royal College of Midwives (RCM)
Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT)
British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT)
Unite the union
Managers in Partnership (MiP)
Prison Officers Association (POA)
Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association* (HCSA)
British Dietetic Association * (BDA)

Notes for Editor

1. HCSA and BDA will stage a week of action short of strike action between Tuesday 25 and Sunday 30 November 2014.   2. The results of the SoR ballot of members who work in the NHS in all four countries of the UK was: 53.7% said they were prepared to take part in strike action and 78.9 % said they would take industrial action short of a strike. 41% of SoR members who were eligible to vote participated in the ballot. 3. The SoR represents 28,000 people who work in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer. More than 19,000 radiographers work in the NHS. 4. 9 out of 10 patients see a radiographer during their time attending hospital. 5. For further information please contact: Warren Town on 020 7740 7209 or via email at Paul Bromley on 020 7740 7225 or 0784 174 3432 or by email at

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