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Social media guidance for SCoR groups

Author: Clare Aspin

Please note that this guidance is for groups wishing to use the SCoR name (ie, regional committees, etc). It is not intended for individual members or staff.

Accounts for SCoR groups

If you are setting up a social media account for an SCoR group, you must seek permission via Deeson Group before using the SCoR’s name and/or logo.

You must provide Deeson Group with the names of the people who will be posting from the account and their contact details (so they can be contacted if an emergency arises).

Please be aware that accounts using the SCoR name are not to be used for members to express their personal views and that any posts can be taken as representing the views of the organisation.

Please check your employer’s policies on social media and IT use, to ensure you are not in breach of any of their rules (especially about personal use/social media use during working hours).

Please do not attempt to answer questions posed to the SCoR or make statements on their behalf without seeking approval/discussing with a Director.


You must ensure accounts using SCoR names/branding or affiliated with the SCoR do not bring the SCoR into disrepute (for example, by aggressively criticising or entering into personal arguments with individuals and/or organisations, making defamatory comments, posting or providing links to inappropriate content).

You must not breach copyright (for example by using other people’s images/words without permission. Please note that using images found on Google can also breach copyright).

You must not post offensive or derogatory comments (including but not limited to posts about sex, gender reassignment, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or belief).

Remember that an ‘official’ account belongs to the group and not an individual. The account will remain the property of the group, even if the individual who created the account leaves the group. The account should represent the group’s views and not those of an individual member.

Use common sense and if you are in any doubt about the content of a post, please check with the Deeson Group ( or 01795 542435) before posting. If you receive any criticism or have problems with other social media users, please seek advice from the Deeson Group. If it is out-of-hours (before 9am and after 5pm Monday-Friday or at the weekend), please send a direct message on Twitter to @SCoRMembers and someone should pick up your request.

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