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CoRIPS research grants


College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme Research Grants


Dates for 2018 funding applications:

  • Friday 27th April 2018
  • Monday 1st October 2018

Dates for 2019 funding applications:

  • Friday 26th April 2019
  • Tuesday 1st October 2019

As part of the College of Radiographers’ commitment to the implementation of the SCoR's new research strategy, the organisation is funding small grants for projects related to any aspect of the science and practice of radiography. Bids up to £5000 for small projects and up to £10,000 for one larger project.

Bids for funding exceeding these amounts will be considered. Matched funding or other institutional contributions would be advantageous.

The aim is to support at least one grant for someone who has little or no previous experience of undertaking research and development projects. 

The final selection will be made by the SCoR Research Group and the College Board of Trustees. Feedback will be given to all who submitted a proposal. Successful projects will be assigned a named contact person from the SCoR. All completed projects will be listed on the Research section of the website.

Completed application forms should be sent to the Professional and Education team.

The College will expect an interim and a final report for large projects and a final report only for the smaller projects.

Applicants will be notified the outcome of their bids within three months of application. Successful applicants will be given a final report date by which they must report to the College the outcome of their research. Final reports will be published on the SoR website. Researchers are encouraged to publish their work in Radiography or Imaging and Therapy Practice
Please note: The Principal Investigator/applicant must be a radiographer and a member of the Society of Radiographers.


College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme Research Grants funding guidelines PDF

Successful CoRIP's Research Grants

Get your bids in for CoR research funding.

Angela Eddy, senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, was one of three grant recipients. Her pioneering study explored the experiences of individuals undertaking education and training for role extension in therapy radiography.

"I saw the call for funding in Synergy News and for me, the timing was perfect,"explains Angela. "Receiving the grant brought forward my plans and gave me funding to buy some of my time out to undertake the research. Plus, it has allowed me to undertake some specific research training to support the data analysis part of the project.

Other awardees were Beverly Snaith, consultant radiographer, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, and University of Bradford lecturer, Maryann Hardy whose research focused on establishing a standard for radiographer commenting in the accident and emergency environment in the UK.

Sandra Mathers, research practitioner in radiography at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, received funding for her project X-Raying children: Identifying differences in practices between adult departments and dedicated childrens hospitals in Scotland.

Document downloads

Application 001-Beverly Snaith-Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust-Pinderfields Hospital-220706

Application 002 - Angela Eddy

Application 003 - Sandra Mathers

Application 005 - Robert Appleyard

Application 006 - Nicholas Courtier

Application 010 - Sandra Mathers

Application 012 - Andrew England

Application 013 - Frederick Murphy

Application 019 - Lisa Punt

Application 020 - Keren Williamson

Application 021 - Kathryn Burgess

Application 022 - Michael Fell

Application 025 - Angela Eddy

Application 029 - Nicholas Cantlay

Application 030 - Suzanne Henwood and Lisa Booth

Application 033 - Stuart Mackay

Application 034 - Susan Hopkins

Application 035 - Jillian Hayes

Application 038 - Daniel Hutton

Application 041 - Ben Stenberg

Application 042 - Claire Roberts

Application 043 - Lauren Evans

Application 049 - Christine Everitt

Application 050 - Elizabeth Chapman

Application 051 - Robert Meertens

Application 056 - Lorraine Webster

Application 058 - Anne-Marie Dixon

Application 060 - Julie Nightingale

Application 063 - Martin Vosper

Application 065 - Mark Warren

Application 069 - Catherine Williams

Application 070 - Ricardo Khine

Application 075 - Emily Lewis

Application 079 - Ann Mumby

Application 080 - Ian Henderson

Application 082 - Sonyia McFadden

Application 086 - Nick Woznitza

Application 089 - Beverley Atherton

Application 090 - John Cathcart

Application 095 - Patsy Whelehan

Application 097 - Nikola Hawkins

Application 100 - Julia Kennedy

Application 104 Corinne Brooks

Application 109 - Ruth Strudwick

Application 110 - Lisa Field

Application 113 Jenna Tugwell

Application 116 - Melanie Clarkson

Application 117 - Leslie Robinson

Application 119 Mark Collins

Application 124 - Eric Onwuharine

Application 125 - Lucy Ashton

Application 127 - Amy Taylor

Application 129 - Jane Arezina, Judith Johnson, Alison McGuinness, Anne-Marie Culpan

Application 130 - Carl Bradbury

Application 131 - Raya Vinogradov

Application 132 - Laura Charlesworth

Application 138 - Kevin Flintham

Application 139 - Terri Gilleece

Application 143 - David Finn

Application 015 - Suzanne Henwood and David Flinton

Application 144 - Ann Newton-Hughes

Application 145 - Andrew Cooper

Application 146 - Emma Hyde

Application 048 - Marc Griffiths

Application 147 - Susan Williams

Application 149 - Charles Sloane

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