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The Society of Radiographers is the trade union and professional body for radiographers and all non-medical members of the workforce in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy in the UK. It is responsible for their professional, educational, public and workplace interests.

Founded in 1920, it is one of the oldest and most experienced radiography organisations in the world.

The College of Radiographers is the charitable subsidiary of the Society and it exists for the benefit of the public. The College's objects are directed towards education, research and other activities in support of the science and practice of radiography.

Together, the Society and College shape the healthcare agenda and lead opinion on a wide range of professional issues. We set the standards that become the policies adopted and acclaimed by governments and health professionals worldwide. In the workplace, we pioneer new ways of working and ensure that imaging professionals work in a safe and fair environment.

The Society and College of Radiographers is distinct from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC, was HPC and previously CPSM) which is the body which provides registration for radiographers. Click here for the HCPC website.

Radiography is one of the Allied Health Professions. Through setting the highest standards for the profession and working for our members, we aim to ensure the safest and highest quality services in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.

The Society is governed by its members through the elected UK Council. Every member can become involved where they work and through a regional committee (in England) or national Council (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). 

The College has an independent Board of Trustees.

The organisation employs a number of staff to conduct its business and to provide expert services to members and the public. Broadly, the staff is organised according to the activities of the SCoR: 

  • professional and educational;
  • trade union and industrial relations;
  • membership and public relations;
  • business compliance (finance and the Chief Executive’s office).

Academic dress: Individuals holding a diploma level (or above) award of the College of Radiographers are entitled to wear the academic hood of the College of Radiographers. This is a black hood of simple shape, lined white. There is a chevron on the lining, 1” blue and 1” gold set 1” away. These are obtainable from Ede and Ravenscroft  although they are not available to order on-line. Since radiography became a graduate profession, the College’s own academic dress is used only rarely but there are solemn occasions where use of individuals’ own academic dress is encouraged, for example church choir dress.


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