Social media guidance for SCoR groups

Guidance for groups wishing to use the SCoR name such as national councils, regional committees, networks and special interest groups.

Accounts for SCoR groups

If you are setting up a social media account for an SCoR group, please check with the Society's communications team and they will provide assistance with setting-up the account, creating a header image or avatar, and technical support.

Please provide them with the name and contact details of at least one person who will be responsible for administrating the social media account.

Conduct and guidance

Please take note of the following guidance. It is not intended to be prescriptive but there are protocols to be remembered when communicating through social media platforms.

  • Accounts operating under the SCoR identity are not to be used by individuals to express their personal opinions, or to promote the views of any political party.
  • Ensure content posted or re-posted does not bring the organisation into disrepute. For example, by criticising or entering into arguments with individuals and/or organisations, making defamatory comments, or by posting or providing links to inappropriate content. This also includes observations that are likely to offend about gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or beliefs.
  • Do not attempt to answer questions from members or others that are outside the direct remit of the account. Please direct them to the appropriate person at the Society.
  • Using images or words from other sources without permission is likely to be a breach of copyright. This will include copying content from websites other than
  • An ‘official’ account belongs to the group it represents and to the Society. The account remain the property of the group, even if the individual who created the account leaves. The account should represent the group’s views and not those of an individual member.

If you receive criticism, or have problems with other social media users, please contact the communications team by email or by sending a direct message on Twitter to @SCoRMembers.