Celebrating our centenary

100 years of the Society of Radiographers

The Society of Radiographers was established in 1920 to provide a critical service of standardised training and registration for Radiographers in the British Isles. Fast forward a 100 years and we remain a critical organisation, advocating for radiography professionals at the heart of patient care and shaping the policies, standards and new ways of working for the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce.

Professor Audrey Paterson OBE and Professor Richard C. Price have written a compelling book covering our first 100 years. The Society of Radiographers, 100 Years, 1920 - 2020 is more than just an account of our history. Their work has ordered, organised and interpreted our story. 

Copies will be available for purchase from June 2022. To sign up for the pre-order list, please use the form below: