24/7 Diagnostic Radiographers at Work Study

A call for research participation

The 24/7 Diagnostic Radiographers at Work Study (247DRAWS) is a first-of-its-kind research project, investigating the positive and negative impacts of shift-working on radiographers.  

Lead researcher, Jason Elliott, hopes that findings of the study can be used to develop methods and safe practices that will improve the wellbeing of our workforce and the delivery of diagnostic services.

If you’re a diagnostic radiographer, you can contribute to this project by completing the short survey below, which will help us identify the potential benefits (work life balance, career opportunities and skills development) and risks (sleep, burnout, and mental health) associated with rotational shifts.

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About Jason Elliott


Jason is a lecturer in diagnostic radiography and imaging at Cardiff University. He was awarded the 2023 College of Radiographer’s Doctoral Fellowship Grant which is being used to fund this essential project.

Listen to our Research Matters podcast below, where he provides further details about what he hopes his research will achieve as well as tips for applying to the CoR Doctoral Fellowship Grant.

CoR's Doctoral Fellowship Grant

We offer two grants of up to £25,000 per year for members undertaking doctoral level radiographic research.

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