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Radiography Awards 2022 | Generously sponsored by Philips.

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In This Section

The Radiography Awards celebrates individuals, teams and students from across the UK who have made a positive difference to patient care, service delivery, representation or excelled academically.

Comprised of two distinct celebrations, the Radiography Awards spotlights members who have been identified as Radiographer or Representative of the Year for their region. 


Representative of the Year 2022

  • Jessica Bryant | Midlands

    Jessica Bryant

    I was very surprised and honoured to find out I had been nominated for regional rep of the year. I love working as a paediatric radiographer at NUH where I have worked since qualifying in 2016. I hope I can help bring about positive changes in department through my work as a rep - a role I find both challenging and rewarding!

  • Holly Metcalf | Northern

    Holly Metcalf

    I have been an Industrial Relations Union Rep for the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care (NSECH) Hospital for around 2 years. In addition to this, I also took on the role of Health and Safety Rep 1 year ago. As this is a relatively new hospital at only 7 years old, there was historically no union representation present at this site within Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust and it was clear that members were struggling to feel heard by management during what was particularly difficult negotiations regarding changes in shift rosters and service changes.

    Starting off as a new rep and taking on a site with no prior union representation was quite a challenge, however I feel as though throughout my time as rep I have been able to bridge the gap between management and members when it came to departmental changes, improve communication for members, and give staff a positive advocate throughout the site.

    I feel as though I have managed to impart positive changes throughout the department, by conducting audits on aspects of the service and involving other departments such as manual handling and the directors of patient safety, to observe our department practices and provide advice on changes that can be made to improve the working conditions of staff whilst also enhancing patient care standards. I have also worked individually alongside staff to improve their emotional wellbeing at work, particularly during periods after the covid-19 pandemic and increased service demands.

    Throughout my development as a union rep, I have utilised these skills in order to take on a new role as a Modality Lead Radiographer at South Tyneside and Sunderland Trust which I am due to start at the end of November. I hope that during my time as union rep I have managed to pave the way for future reps to be able to integrate into this role and have more influence for the Trust and its members.

  • Hilary Lytte | Northern Ireland

    Hilary Lyttle

    I am honoured to have been voted (NI) Rep of the Year 2022 and would like to thank anyone who nominated and voted for me.

    Currently I work part-time as a Clinical Specialist 111 Radiographer in Ultrasound Antrim Hospital NHSCT (NI) and have been employed there since it opened in 1994.I began my Radiography career in 1983 in ‘Londonderry School of Radiography’ Altnagelvin Hospital, N.Ireland.

    Qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer 1987.PgD Diploma in Medical Ultrasound 1994.I have been involved with the SOR since becoming a Radiography student in 1983.I have been an IR Rep and also H&S Rep over the past 35 years at different stages in my career first serving as a rep in 1988. I have attended numerous training courses both here in N.I and in England organised by the SOR & completed several ICTU courses which have helped me carry out my role as a Rep.

    I have missed very few (NI) study days & conferences, attended many ADC conferences and had the opportunity to speak on motions. The social get togethers I love (as anyone knows me would agree) and having the opportunity to catch up with colleagues in more relaxed surroundings. As an SOR Rep I have been able to help and support my colleagues and members from being just there for someone to talk to when needed, to supporting and representing them through Disciplinary procedures and tribunals.

    Although part-time I am available 24/7 for them all and often deal with issues outside my working days. I have been very fortunate to have excellent guidance and support from UK and NI SOR officers over the last 35 years and most recently Leandre the last 7/8 years who I would like to thank. Being a SOR member and Rep has been a highlight of my Radiography career, I would encourage others to step up. It has been a huge learning curve, and also rewarding on so many levels. I am very proud of our profession, my colleagues and the SOR. I will continue to promote and support them all to the best of my ability.

  • Kimberley Falconer | Scotland

    I’ve been a Radiographer for just over 10 years working in the North East of Scotland. Working in health care was always important to me as I wanted to do something to help others and Radiography was a good fit due to the various modalities and routes you could go down. I joined the SOR as a student whilst training at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen in 2008 and have been a member ever since. Recent changes within the department I work in and more recently the wider NHS structure motivated me to become an Industrial Relations Representative. I wanted to ensure changes that impact the staff were carried out following the correct policy and processes.

    I was elected by the staff within the department to this role in September 2020 and have been continuously learning and developing in to this role since. Training for this role was slightly different as due to the pandemic it was done virtually, however it was still valuable in giving more insight to what this role would involve and hear from other new reps. I also spent time shadowing another colleague within the department to gain more knowledge of the ways in which various meetings work and what their main purpose was. It’s also been very interesting to learn the partnership model of working within our NHS trust and seeing how this is involved in a number of processes. Over the last 6 – 12 months I have taken on more responsibilities with this role which I have found to be challenging at times but very rewarding.

    I have also supported another colleague who was elected to this role at the end of last year. I think having visible and approachable reps within departments will give colleagues a safe and confidential out let for raising any issues or concerns they have that can then be resolved through the appropriate channels. Furthermore it reassures colleagues that correct processes are followed and will be challenged if not. Receiving this award was a lovely surprise and gave me a confidence boost in my abilities as an SOR rep but also reinforced that having this role within the department is appreciated by my fellow colleagues.


  • Sarah Hutson | South East

    Sarah Hutson

    My name is Sarah, I am a senior diagnostic radiographer working at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, I work in CT and nuclear medicine and also have an interest in Radiation protection.

    This has been my first term as an IR rep in the Trust, union activity has been relatively quiet and after a tough few years felt it was important to show our members what we could achieve working together. We successfully negotiated improved overtime rates that had not been updated for a good number of years. Our members work hard and we are busier than ever, they deserve to be acknowledged for this.

  • Angela Sparham | South West

    Angie Sparham

    Since becoming a Radiographer as a second career choice, I have been fortunate to work with supportive and encouraging colleagues eager to share their wealth of knowledge with me. I began working at Dorset County Hospital in 2016 and became SoR rep in 2019. Being a Rep has been my opportunity to repay that support. 

    During turbulent and involved major rota changes, staff shortages and unprecedented operational pressures during the pandemic, I was able to support my colleagues. Armed with SoR training and knowledge we have navigated our way to a more balance and supportive working rota. 

    Ensuring staff were given a fair hearing and input, into changes affecting their employment is important to me.  The support of my colleagues and that of Peter Higgs my SoR Regional Officer, ensured I felt well positioned to question management when necessary. When I received the email saying I had won Rep of the Year for the South West, I honestly thought it was sent to me by mistake. Thank you, I am overwhelmed

  • Jenny Shurmer | Wales

    Jenny Shurmer

    I am a diagnostic radiographer based in Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, South Wales and have worked here since I qualified from the University College of Medicine, Cardiff in 2003. I am a plain film MSK reporting radiographer and have just started the chest and abdomen reporting course.

    I have been the IR rep for several years and have been involved in various issues from all things sickness to serious grievances involving senior management. I have been an active member of Welsh Council for several years and really enjoy attending ADC. I regularly attend meetings within my health board on staff side and am keen to improve working conditions for all.

    I have 2 small children who keep me on my toes but when I get a minute I enjoy running and hill walking in the beautiful countryside where I live. I also enjoy riding my horse Colin when I have a chance!

  • Chris James | Yorkshire and Trent

    Chris James

    Chris James qualified in Diagnostic Radiography from the University of Liverpool in 2011. His first radiography post was working for 4 years in Wrexham Maelor Hospital in x-ray and interventional radiology. At the time the Health Board was going through significant organisational changes and this, combined with two instances of industrial action, demonstrated the importance of effective representation for staff and a firm but collaborative approach to management. Fortunately, there were plenty of strong role models during these early years, and a part time secondment to Bangor University further broadened Chris' experience.

    A move to York Hospital followed in 2015 initially to work in x-ray and interventional radiology/cardiology, before training in x-ray reporting, beginning with musculoskeletal images followed by chest and abdomen. In the relatively short space of time that he has been Industrial Relations representative there has been organisational change, a negotiated deal for overtime, changes to band 5-6 progression and more, as well as the day to day support of members and the promotion of the radiography profession within the trust. 

    Chris lives in York with his wife Sarah, 4 month son Dylan and cats Gruff and Cerys, and in any free time enjoys squash, cycling and following Hereford FC.

  • Regional (North West) and overall UK Rep of the Year 2022: Annette Steele

    Annette Steele

    I started my career in radiography in 1984, studying at the Northwest Lancashire School of Radiography and at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Upon qualifying in 1987 I began working at Hope Hospital which then become Salford Royal and is now part of the NCA and I have worked here for the entirety of my career. I progressed from a basic grade to a senior 2 radiographer in 1992 and after starting a family I began working nights.

    I continued to work nights as a Band 6 radiographer, and this is my current role. I have seen many changes and injustices over the years so when the opportunity to become the IR rep for the department arose in 2018, I felt that with my experience and knowledge of the workplace I was in a good position to put myself forward for the role with the hope of making a difference to the working environment of my colleagues


Student Radiographers of the Year

  • Student Diagnostic Radiographer of the Year | Ben Potts

    Ben Potts

    Ben Potts is a final-year student diagnostic radiographer, studying at Birmingham City University. He is the immediate past vice-chair of the Society of Radiographers’ Student Forum. Dyslexic and an ADHD-er himself, he is passionate about neurodiversity and disability equity.

    Ben has published and given talks on this topic to health educators, NHS trusts and at the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress 2022, for which he won the Forder Memorial Prize from the College of Radiographers. He co-founded the national multidisciplinary student group SSHINE, which has recently authored the NHS Health Education England guide to Neurodiversity in Practice-based Learning. Ben was selected to join the Council of Deans of Health’s student leadership program, #150Leaders, in the 2021-2022 cohort.


  • Student Therapeutic Radiographer of the Year | Robert McAuliffe

    Robert McAuliffe

    I am extremely grateful to be in receipt of this award. I studied at Queen Margaret University, where the continued support of my lecturers allowed me to improve each year. I was a student council representative throughout my time at QMU which gave me insight into organisational challenges, in addition to growing my confidence. I thrived, however, during my clinical placements.

    My passion for patient care, alongside guidance from the excellent radiotherapy staff, have led me to have great clinical experiences, which is reinforced in my placement feedback. After graduation, I travelled to Thailand and Vietnam, where I met many interesting people and enjoyed learning about the amazing culture. I have recently started as a Band 5 radiographer at The Christie Hospital in Manchester. I am eager to learn about the practices and services this amazing facility offers.

    Thank you to the Society of Radiographers for choosing me to receive this award. It has been an amazing start to my career, and I am excited to see what else I can achieve in the future.


Regional Radiographer of the Year

  • Christopher Marsh | Midlands

    I became a Diagnostic Radiographer in 2008, Qualifying at the University of Teesside. Starting the same year at the University Hospital of North Midlands I have been fortunate to develop and expand my scope of practice to cover GI cancer, bariatric, Lymphadenopathy, liver screening and inflammatory bowel disease pathways, becoming skilled and experienced in  GI fluoroscopy, Abdominal Ultrasound and  CT colonography. Beyond my  diagnostic skills I have developed interventional  skills in ascetic drainage and tunnelled permanent drain insertion for palliation of refractory ascites, gastric band adjustment  under fluoroscopy and lymph node biopsy.  I have a keen interest in developing and training Radiographers, Radiologists and other health care workers.

    I Sit on the Clinical advisory board for the national CTC training and accreditation board and was a key figure of the first phase of national roll out delivering training to Radiographers, and now Radiologists across the Midlands. To date I have led a team training 53 Radiographers and 5 Radiologists in CT Colonography, over the last 2 years, from all over the Midlands.


  • Helen Watts | Northern

    I have been an Advanced Practitioner Reporting Radiographer for 8 years and am hugely passionate about image interpretation, service improvement and all things patient focussed. In more recent years I have prioritised development of others (training 15 reporting radiographers!), radiology and wider healthcare education, research, and advanced practice governance.

    Over the last year I have published my MSc dissertation in Radiography journal, created an internal online CPD learning platform, set up a journal club, have extended my scope of practice to include all plain film paediatrics and have been awarded Visiting Scholar status at Teesside University. I love this profession and I am proud to call myself a Radiographer.

  • Donna McKay | Northern Ireland

    I qualified as a therapy radiographer in 1999 and have since been working in the radiotherapy department initially in Belvoir Park hospital and then the Cancer Centre BCH following relocation of services in 2006. During this time, I have held several roles including radiotherapy team leader, Clinical site specialist radiographer for Neurological Cancers/Conditions and Oligo-metastases and a spell as acting Radiotherapy Clinical Coordinator. 

    I have had the privilege of helping set up the cranial SRS and SABR for oligometastatic disease services in Belfast. An opportunity, which allowed me to work with several multi-disciplinary teams, learning from their many years’ experience. I have presented at both the Society of Radiographers Radiotherapy Conference and at the All-Ireland Radiotherapy study day on setting up the SRS service.

  • Shelley Shuttleworth | North West

    I've worked at the Rosemere Cancer Centre for 18 Years.  I started as a Trainee Assistant Practioner and progressed to a Specialist Therapeutic Radiographer. This is a job I love, and I honestly can not imagine working elsewhere. For the past 18 months I have been the Practice Educator for staff.  I am passionate about developing staff to ensure continuous lifelong learning and maintaining competence to a high standard.

  • Natalie Dick | Scotland

    I qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer in 1995. The first two months of my career were spent working for Jenny Reeves Radiography agency where I gained fantastic experience as a newly qualified Radiographer working in a variety of hospitals throughout London.

    I then went on to work at St Helier NHS Trust as a general Radiographer for a further three years. In November 1998 I moved from London to Aberdeen and continued in general Radiography until I joined the Special Procedures team, working in Interventional Radiology and the Cardiac Catheterisation suite. This was an incredibly challenging but rewarding post and one which I enjoyed for 13 years.

    My Current position is as Advanced Practitioner Radiographer at the Dental hospital in Aberdeen where I have been for the past 8 years, working as part of an amazing team. I am committed and passionate about teaching and the aspect of the role that I enjoy the most is mentoring and supporting the students.

  • Michael Dillon | South East

    It was important for me to include my supportive team in photo; without whom I couldn't give the patient centred service I wanted to!

  • James Paull | South West

    "I was stunned to receive the news I had won Radiographer of the Year for the South West. I am very thankful to my colleagues who nominated me, I am so happy to work with them, I hope they all know how appreciated they are. Thank you!"

    Originally from Par in Cornwall, James moved to Bristol in 2009 and graduated from the University of the West of England (UWE) in 2012. Passionate about the profession, CT research and football (see below). James co-authored two papers this year about vascular imaging.

    Set up the UHBW Radiology football team in 2017, always looking for matches against other departments, so please feel free to get in touch!

  • Gary Holdsworth | Yorkshire and North Trent

    I’m married with 2 grown up kids that have both ‘flown the nest’. Having just turned 60 I’m beginning to look forward to retirement to hopefully spend more time, reading, drawing, and writing for my own pleasures. I am a member of the National Trust and enjoy visiting stately homes and gardens; I adore spending time at the coast.

    As superintendent, successfully steered a dedicated neuro-imaging department through significant change, introducing peripheral and abdominal vascular intervention, GI, and urinary intervention, & diagnostic cardiac angiography. Developed multi-slice CT protocols when this ‘new’ technology was acquired locally.

    As Clinical Specialist Neuro-Radiographer became recognised as the ‘CT Brain’ expert locally. Developed neuro CT vascular protocols & now report on most of these; implemented local stroke thrombectomy imaging work-up protocols – and report/supervise most of these. Teach registrars and consultants, and lecture at local universities; review all CT brains and ‘correct’ mistakes in a timely fashion to hopefully minimise risk to both patients and staff. Involved with MRA studies (as second review). Developed local dementia imaging protocols.

    Member of the National CT Head Reporting Specialist Interest Group since its foundation in 2011. Via this, I’ve organised several face-to-face ‘free-to-attend’ weekend conferences at Birmingham City University. Lockdown made me re-evaluate this & ‘we’ moved into the on-line/virtual forum (via Zoom & Facebook) offering monthly ‘live’ CPD events (currently accredited with both ‘CPD Now’ & the RCR); educational ‘off-line’ posts (including reprised ‘recordings of the live meetings), and discussions of relevant/pertinent literature. The primary aim was to provide continued access to good education, whilst being able to offer ‘experienced’ peer-support and guidance to colleagues throughout a very challenging time. This has continued post-lockdown - with occasional on-line attendees from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, along with a ‘healthy’ cohort of regular UK attendees.


  • Regional & UK Radiographer of the Year: Naman Julka-Anderson | London

    Naman is an advanced practice therapeutic radiographer working in on-treatment review, works as an allied health professional clinical advisor at Macmillan cancer support charity and is co-host on the Rad Chat podcast. 


Regional Team of the Year 

  • Radiotherapy team, Ipswich Hospital | Eastern

    The Radiotherapy team at Ipswich Hospital has 33 Therapeutic Radiographers and 5 support workers, and is so much stronger than the sum of the individual parts. Starting from simple beginnings with one Linac, a Cobalt unit, an Orthovoltage unit, a Simulator and 10 staff, we now have the latest technology, advanced imaging, 6 DoF couches, FFF and so much more. We are truly a team who have grown together to deliver outstanding radiotherapy services to the community we serve.

    Staff genuinely care about each other and this comes across in the feedback we receive from patients who feel the department is an oasis and like no other in the Trust.

    Our strength is our diversity, not just with regards to where we have come from but also in the interests we have. Once people join us they seldom leave.

    Our ethos has always been to provide the best possible treatment and care to patients referred for radiotherapy. This wouldn’t be possible without the multidisciplinary approach we have nurtured between all staff groups and especially with our Oncologists and Physicists.

    This multidisciplinary approach means that we are not afraid of change, and if we have the technology we will use it to the full. We cascade developments out to support business as usual, and empower the workforce to act as the skilled and knowledgeable team that they are, supporting their involvement in the national roll out of IMRT and the mentoring of other departments.

    It would not be right to single anyone out because everyone has their part to play. The senior radiographers, including the Radiotherapy Service Manager Suzanne Isherwood, work clinically alongside all members of the team fostering real pride and providing on the job coaching and mentoring in a seamless way.

    Role development has been encouraged and therapeutic radiographers now cover every aspect of the patient journey. This starts with our Macmillan radiographers who are key workers and provide the holistic care and psychological support. We encourage a patient centred approach to scanning, planning, treating, and reviewing, and all the little bits that make a difference.

    We have embraced change and technology with a can do attitude.

    We may be small but that hasn’t stopped us aiming big.

    The Radiotherapy team at Ipswich Hospital has 33 Therapeutic Radiographers and 5 support workers, and is so much stronger than the sum of the individual parts. Starting from simple beginnings with one Linac, a Cobalt unit, an Orthovoltage unit, a Simulator and 10 staff, we now have the latest technology, advanced imaging, 6 DoF couches, FFF and so much more. We are truly a team who have grown together to deliver outstanding radiotherapy services to the community we serve.

    Staff genuinely care about each other and this comes across in the feedback we receive from patients who feel the department is an oasis and like no other in the Trust.

    Our strength is our diversity, not just with regards to where we have come from but also in the interests we have. Once people join us they seldom leave.

    Our ethos has always been to provide the best possible treatment and care to patients referred for radiotherapy. This wouldn’t be possible without the multidisciplinary approach we have nurtured between all staff groups and especially with our Oncologists and Physicists.

    This multidisciplinary approach means that we are not afraid of change, and if we have the technology we will use it to the full. We cascade developments out to support business as usual, and empower the workforce to act as the skilled and knowledgeable team that they are, supporting their involvement in the national roll out of IMRT and the mentoring of other departments.

    It would not be right to single anyone out because everyone has their part to play. The senior radiographers, including the Radiotherapy Service Manager Suzanne Isherwood, work clinically alongside all members of the team fostering real pride and providing on the job coaching and mentoring in a seamless way.

    Role development has been encouraged and therapeutic radiographers now cover every aspect of the patient journey. This starts with our Macmillan radiographers who are key workers and provide the holistic care and psychological support. We encourage a patient centred approach to scanning, planning, treating, and reviewing, and all the little bits that make a difference.

    We have embraced change and technology with a can do attitude.

    We may be small but that hasn’t stopped us aiming big.


  • X-ray department, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust | London

    X-Ray Department, Norther Middlesex University NHS Trust

    The X-ray department at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust is delighted to be receiving the Society of Radiographers’ London region ‘Team of the Year’ award. It is thoroughly deserved and a testament to the tremendous work of the radiographers over the past 12 months and their unwavering commitment to providing compassionate care, even when contending with the most challenging of circumstances. It is a real pleasure to lead the team.

    Muhammad Khoda
    Lead Radiographer for Plain Film and Reporting

  • Radiotherapy Team, University Hospitals of North Midlands | Midlands

    Radiotherapy Team at the University Hospitals of North Midlands

    The Radiotherapy Team at the University Hospitals of North Midlands are a young dedicated team who pull together to achieve the department’s aims and objectives.

    The department was opened in 2009 and it was with great excitement that the team moved into its new purpose built building with access to large windows and its own courtyard garden where staff and patients enjoy the fresh air and sunshine (when available!).

    The department has always strived to deliver technical treatments and were invited to be one of the 5 departments who were the dosimetry trainers back in the early 2000’s when IMRT was being escalated as a NCAT priority. UHNM were also the lead recruiters to the Fast Forward trial as one of our clinicians was the chief investigator for the trial. I feel that as a department we have always strived to maximise our resources so we can continue to achieve for our patients and ourselves.

    The team are also great fundraisers for the department with various cake sales, summer courtyard parties, sundry raffles and in 2020 a sponsored three peaks walk. I was very impressed that they all turned up to work the following Monday!

    The reason for all this activity and the reason that we all turn up for work is the patients are why we all turn up each day why we try and develop the department and its processes.  It is this willingness to be flexible and support each other that has allowed us to achieve and deliver an equipment replacement program and a paperless project during Covid.

    The technical developments, the money raised through charitable endeavours and the flexing of work hours are all to ensure that we give our patients the best experience they could have during one of the most difficult times of their lives. I am very proud of all the staff have achieved and believe this award is a well deserved recognition for all their hard work and dedication.

  • South Tees NHS Foundation Trust | Northern

    The Radiology department at South Tees NHS Foundation Trust proposed a business case in 2019 as part of a Five-year plan to invest in Radiographer reporting workforce.

    The main aims were to:

    • Expand the AHP radiographer plain film reporting team through additional training (MSK and Chest/Abdomen)
    • Review of the current reporting roster to utilise the current reporting radiographers to maximum efficiency
    • Review of the current scope of practice to encompass a broader scope from trauma MSK/Chest and abdominal to all referral sources.

    This was an innovative service development to support the national shortage of Consultant Radiologists and decrease the use of outsourced/Locum Radiologist reports. Skill mix initiatives were utilised to develop staff at Bands 2 to 6, through training radiographers to report coinciding with training support workers on apprentice schemes to become radiographers and backfill vacant radiographer posts.

    The Reporting team at the start of the Five-year plan, consisted of a team of 6 staff members. Over the last 3 years the team has expanded rapidly to a team of 15 with a further 2 currently in training. All staff are expected to dual train in both MSK and Chest and Abdominal reporting to allow sustainability and flexibility within the team.

    In conjunction with training the additional 11 staff members the team also supports the training and development of approximately 40 plus radiology registrars per annum. The feedback of the training from the Radiology Registrars is very positive and well received. The team also receive positive feedback from the hospital’s urgent care treatment centres regularly, by supporting decision making for patient management in the community settings.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic the team pioneered a new method of delivering CPD talks to aid the development of staff, through using pre-recorded presentations on Microsoft Teams. This started off with a majority of Plain Film X-ray related content. As this continues to develop and proving to be beneficial to staff learning, other modalities have now engaged with this platform.

    The team have performed exceptionally well over the last year in more than doubling their reporting volume workload and undertaking work to contribute to the 4 pillars of Advanced Practice, alongside supporting the education and training of their new team members, existing team members (those requiring dual training) and the Radiology registrars. 

    They deserve a very big well done, it is an achievement to be very proud of!

    Many thanks, Rachael, Plain Film Modality Manager

  • Ultrasound team, Western Health and Social Care Trust | Northern Ireland

    Over last couple of years, with support and encouragement from Radiologist colleagues, the Ultrasound team of Western Health and Social Care Trust have undertaken training and worked tirelessly to advance their own skills and introduce advanced practice roles within the department.

    They have shown a huge commitment to improving services and patient access to services

    This includes the introduction of a One-stop shoulder clinic were by a patient is assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon, is scanned and diagnosed by a sonographer who can offer an ultrasound guided pain relief injection where appropriate, and is seen by the physiotherapist all at one visit.  They have introduced a sonographer led – neck service where by sonographers scan and perform US guided interventions including fine needle aspirations and core biopsies.  Through training, the capacity for gynae scans has grown to meet the increase in demand following Covid pressures and they offer a walk –in GP DVT service, removing these patients from the A&E setting.   

    This training and dedication to the service has taken place at a time where there was pressure on staff from long-term sickness, maternity and Covid- related absences..

  • The Christie Hospital Radiotherapy Education Team | North West

    The substantive Radiotherapy Education Team - Alison Sanneh, Sheena Chauhan, Hannah McCaughran, Wesley Doherty, Kirsty Marsh and Kelly Newiss, (working with Alastair Leslie-Dakers and Jane Miller) led the design and implementation of novel digital healthcare student clinical placement.

    The pandemic changed the physical learning environment.  Digital clinical placements ensure that learners at every level have equal access to Expert Practitioners in a quality-controlled environment.

    Evaluation of the design and implementation of these placements has shown significant learner growth.

    In the last year, the team have offered 500 additional placements in oncology, contributing to the system and supporting future workforce supply.

    The team now offers placements for Nurses, Mammographers, Therapeutic Radiographers and Allied Health Professionals in the UK and internationally.

    One thousand learners will access these programs 2023/24, and the team are excited and privileged to continue to provide high-quality and effective learning environments

  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde CPD Group | Scotland

    Greater Glasgow and Clyde CPD Group

    The Greater Glasgow and Clyde CPD group was set up at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic following a fall in CPD activity due to social distancing regulations, but also due to the increasingly busy and changing shifts of radiographers.  In response, an Online CPD group delivered through Microsoft Teams was created. The group invites a range of speakers to deliver CPD talks within their area of expertise to share knowledge, skills and best practice with radiographers and students within GG&C. 

    The group organises talks from a variety of healthcare professionals including radiologists, advanced practitioner radiographers, sonographers, orthopaedic surgeons, stroke consultants, medical physics experts, nutrition nurse specialists, and many more. Following a successful pilot at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the group subsequently expanded to become a GG&C wide resource that all radiographers and students within the health-board can join, currently providing CPD opportunities for over 450 members. The organisation of the group is shared by our local CPD reps at each sector of the health-board which contribute to the organisation of talks throughout the year to ensure radiographers at all sites are represented and supported. 

    All talks are recorded and saved so that staff have the option to attend live or to watch the talk back retrospectively at a time that suits them. Staff can look back on the learning as many times as they want for a refresher and for reflection. This year the College of Radiographers has endorsed the CPD opportunities provided by the team, meaning that radiographers can now get a certificate to recognise their learning.

    We encourage and support radiographers to present their own talks which has highlighted some of the great work that goes on day to day within radiography. We have found the group to be a positive resource for staff that encourages learning, communication and team-working within radiology and wider medical teams. 

  • Radiology at University Hospital Southampton | South East

    UHS non-medical Radiology team

    The team nominated for this award includes all the Radiographers, Radiology department assistants, Radiology assistant practitioners, Sonographers, Healthcare scientists, Clinical Technologists and Radiology Nurses working in the seven modality areas of Radiology at University Hospital Southampton.

    The Covid pandemic brought the team together, strengthening communication within Radiology and Trust-wide. Working closer and smarter created upskilling opportunities to allow shared staff allocation across modalities assisting continuity of service. Out of hours staffing increased. Innovative sharing of space and equipment supported patient flow for our ED and Inpatients, whilst continuing to maximise outpatient activity and maintaining ongoing research activity. This novel teamwork reduced duplication of effort, enabled the creation of new staffing models, increased the numbers of learners supported and enhanced support for our diverse team to improve retention and wellbeing.

    Despite the challenges of high vacancy rates, constant service expansion and increased numbers of learners this team is always flexible, ready to improve and innovate, collaborating on an everincreasing number of projects within Radiology, Trust-wide and with independent sector providers. We are proud contributors to various regional and national projects always working to provide a safe, caring and responsive service for our patients.

  • MRT Department, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre | South West

    The Molecular Radiotherapy department (MRT) at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC) is an established Therapeutic Radiographer led service.

    Molecular Radiotherapy uses high activity Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals to treat cancers. These are given either orally by capsule or intravenously as a liquid and are becoming ever more sophisticated as new treatments are designed specifically to target highly expressed receptors for specific cancers.

    In order to provide these treatments safely, staff have to be highly trained in radiation protection and understand how to support patients in the understanding and delivery of their treatment.

    Patients and their carers often have to follow radiation guidance after treatment to keep themselves and others safe for a short period of time, our therapeutic radiographers use their excellent communication skills to ensure patients are fully informed, understand the information and are supported to help them follow this guidance. We also interact with primary care services such as GPs to ensure all healthcare professionals involved have access to information and support where necessary.

    We work in close collaboration with our Clinical Oncologists who hold the ARSAC licences to enable us to treat.

    This creates a very short, efficient patient pathway and allows us to offer a truly patient centred approach.

    Our Medical Physics team provide the expert Radiation Protection support and help us to continually develop so we can utilise their time and skills for patients who may require individualised guidance.

    By running a Therapeutic Radiographer led service, we are able to pool our resources with our Radiotherapy department and continually train rotational Band 6 Therapeutic Radiographers to work in MRT, offering diversity of their role and helping to create resilience for our highly specialised service.

    As therapeutic radiographers, we are skilled in patient communication and experienced in patient support through cancer therapies. This enables us to provide a holistic approach to the patient pathway, engaging with external support services such as Hospice teams and Macmillan to fully support our patients through their treatment journey.

    We are a new team who have taken on and grown the MRT service over the last 2years.

    This includes being the first NHS centre in the UK to treat Lu177-PSMA-617 prostate cancer patients through a specialist scheme and currently lead UK NHS centres in the total number of PSMA patients treated.

    We are proud to be global leaders in the total number of Radium223 patients treated for bone only metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer having supported access to treatment for patients from Wales whilst their own local service was established. We continue to support centres in the setup of their own, local, Molecular Radiotherapy services.

    The increasing use of Theragnostic treatments represents an exciting opportunity for Therapeutic Radiographers to expand their roles and bring expert skills to a multi-disciplinary service.

    The Bristol service is a shining example of the versatility of Therapeutic Radiographers and with the increased research investment now paying dividends as new drugs are poised to revolutionise cancer care, now is the time to ensure we involve ourselves in the future of radiotherapy services.

  • The Radiotherapy Clinical Placement Team | Wales

    Lynn Mundy and Sonia King

    Nadia Saunders

    The Radiotherapy Clinical Placement Team in Wales works with Cardiff University to provide the clinical training of undergraduate therapeutic radiographers within the three Radiotherapy Departments in Wales. The team consists of one clinical supervisor within each of the three departments. 

    Lynn Mundy has worked in Radiotherapy for many years. She has been the Learning in Practice Lead at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff for 17 years and is the Professional Head for Radiotherapy at Cardiff University. She enjoys working with students and helping them to be the best therapeutic radiographer they can be. She has interests in education, on-treatment review, planning and MRT. 

    Sonia King has been a therapeutic radiographer for 18 years, following a 7-year career in education. She has been the Clinical Supervisor for the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre in Bodelwyddan since November 2020. She is also the SoR Learning Rep for Radiotherapy in North Wales and has interests in education and dosimetry, from manual calculations to computer planning. 

    Nadia Saunders has been working in Radiotherapy for 7 years and joined the Clinical Placement Team in July 2021 as the Clinical Supervisor for the South West Wales Cancer Centre in Swansea. She is also the SoR Learning Rep in SWWCC. Her interests are in IGRT, the treatment of patients with sarcoma and role development in Radiotherapy. Nadia enjoys the challenges of student placements. 

    With two new clinical supervisors joining the placement team during the Covid 19 pandemic, it was impossible to meet in person or to travel to the other cancer centres as had previously been the practice. This meant that the team had many steep learning curves to navigate in order to ensure consistent and fair learning opportunities and assessments for all the students, regardless of which of the department they were placed within. 

    The Clinical Placement Team meet weekly using MicroSoft Teams to: support each other; make plans; provide updates on student progress; problem solve; etc. The small team of three have developed a good working relationship. Lynn, as the experienced member of the team has led the overall structure, and as Sonia and Nadia have continued in the role, they have been able to take on areas of the clinical curriculum to develop and lead. This has meant that, as a supportive team, they continue to grow and develop their skills together.

  • Regional & UK Team of the Year: Jo McNamara | Yorkshire and North Trent

    Jo is a wife, mother and a therapeutic radiographer (her family would state not necessarily in that order!), qualifying 20, or so years ago (cough cough), she currently works at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as a Senior lecturer, teaching across all health and social care courses, but primarily therapeutic radiography students. In addition, she’s also an accomplished researcher and has had over 40 publications, with a primary focus on workforce development, patient care and healthcare education.

    Keen to always push her development, in 2020 Jo spent a year on secondment with Macmillan as their first National Therapeutic Radiographer Clinical Fellow, where she sat on the Chief Medical Officers’ Team, as one of the first AHPs to raise the profile of radiotherapy within Macmillan. During her time there, Jo helped develop ‘PRosPer’ which has now led to further research on the impact of educational tools on prehab and rehab advice given by therapeutic radiographers.

    Outside of her day job, she is radiotherapy chair for the UK Acute Oncology Society, she co-chairs the Outreach and Promotion SIG and is a Personalised Care Institute Ambassador. As an avid STEM Ambassador, Jo has undertaken over a 1000 hours of outreach work promoting radiography and Allied Health Professions (AHP) over the last two years. 

    She also finds time to support a number of charities, again in the field of oncology, including her role as the Yorkshire healthcare professional champion for 5K Your Way (5KYW) and Move charity, fulfilling the role of Radiotherapy UK Ambassador, creating fundraising events such as #miles4radiotherapy and helping raise to raise over £4000 for CoppaFeel Charity and Radiotherapy UK, by doing various horrific pain inducing activities including walking 100km across the Pembrokeshire Coast. 

    Last, but not least is her hobby turned, part time weekend working with Naman on Rad Chat! Her passion for using 'voices' to educate and improve cancer care globally.