Brachytherapy radiographers forum


Brachytherapy is a small, specialised area within radiotherapy with approximately 3% of radiotherapy patients receiving brachytherapy (The Royal College of Radiologists 2007: The Role and Development of Brachytherapy Services in the United Kingdom). Recent developments in brachytherapy include much more widespread use of prostate seed brachytherapy (low dose rate) and a decline in head and neck brachytherapy. Also we have seen a decreasing availability of new low dose rate remote afterloading systems and sources and LDR iridium wire leading to greater use of high dose rate brachytherapy systems. In many UK centres, this has led to an increase in therapeutic radiographer involvement in brachytherapy service provision.

In each radiotherapy centre, there are usually very few brachytherapy radiographers and their roles can vary widely between centres. This can leave brachytherapy radiographers feeling quite isolated in their specialised roles. This forum aims to allow radiographers to provide support and share clinical expertise and experience to benefit both service provision and role development.

The Brachytherapy Radiographers Forum's aims include:

  • To support and contribute to the development of best practice in brachytherapy
  • To lead improvement and development of the highest standards in brachytherapy services, through sharing of clinical expertise and experience and continuing education

Forthcoming meetings

Date of next meeting still to be confirmed.


Co-Chair: Pauline Humphrey

If you would like to join the Brachytherapy radiographers forum, please email Pauline Humphrey  and request to be a member with an outline of your role and responsibilities and what you aim to obtain from being a member. If you would like to take part in discussions, you will need to join the Google group. You can do this by emailing

Once your request has been accepted (and please do this in a timely manner otherwise your invitation will expire), you will need to create a Google account in order to log into the group.