Careers Promotion and Outreach Group

The purpose of the group is to support the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce relating to careers and outreach activities across the UK.


To allow members to provide support and share expertise and experience, to benefit both awareness of the professions and recruitment and retention. 

  • To support and contribute to the development of best practices in the dissemination of careers and recruitment information. 
  • To work with SoR Professional Officers to lead improvement and development of the highest standards. 
  • To facilitate the professional development of those healthcare professionals who are involved or wish to be involved in the provision of careers and community outreach activities. 
  • To contribute towards the implementation of developments and new ideas. 
  • To contribute towards research to develop practices across the UK 
  • To act as a source of expert knowledge for members of the Society of Radiographers and for all members of the multidisciplinary team 


This group is co-chaired with diagnostic and therapeutic radiography leads

Therapeutic Radiography

Jo McNamara | [email protected] 
Senior Lecturer and Admissions Tutor, and Year 1 Course Lead
Sheffield Hallam University

Diagnostic Radiography 

Ruth Watson
Practice Educator
Southern Health and Social Care Trust.


Membership will be open to all SoR members inclusive of the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce