Children's Imaging Taskforce

Paediatric special interest group

SoR has set up a Children's Taskforce with the support of members of the Association of Paediatric Radiographers (APR) to support radiographers imaging children in adult hospitals.

This is an e-mail forum for specialist paediatric radiographers to support those who want to improve their children’s imaging skills. Members of the forum can seek information or share good practice as required. All SoR members are eligible to join and contribute.

To join the forum contact Sue Johnson.

We want to hear from radiographers throughout the UK who are either imaging children in general adult hospitals, either in large cities without a children’s hospital, or in remote or rural hospitals very distant from children’s hospitals.

The SoR is committed to improving standards for the imaging of children in adult departments and this is an excellent opportunity to share expertise, learn from one another and ensure best practice is embedded and shared across the four countries.