The Children and Young People’s Imaging Special Interest Group

Formerly the Children's Imaging Taskforce

This is a platform to connect radiographers who were interested in children’s imaging with specialist children’s radiographers, education experts, and other interested parties.


A focus on person-centred care, and a greater awareness of neurodiversity means the need to improve children's services is greater than ever in a pressurised and busy health service. 

Recognising this need, the HCPC also revised their standards of proficiency in 2023, to include that radiographers are required to develop specific skills and knowledge of children’s imaging at the point of qualification. 

The Children and Young People’s Imaging Special Interest Group was established to support radiographers in building these skills and to promote best practice within children's imaging


Formerly known as the Children’s Imaging Taskforce (CIT), this group was originally founded to examine children’s imaging across the country. CIT worked in parallel with the Association of Paediatric Radiographers (APR), who provided advice, guidance and education for radiographers undertaking children’s imaging.

Combining the expertise of the APR and CIT we believe, reflects our commitment to providing the best possible care for children and young people attending for diagnostic imaging. We are confident that the new name, Children and Young People’s Imaging Specialist Group (CYPISIG), will better represent the group's focus and objectives.


If you are a student, newly qualified or experienced radiographer who wishes to join this new exciting group please contact [email protected]

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Committee members

  • Myriam Jackson (chairperson) has experience in working in a tertiary dedicated children’s hospital and now works as the lead paediatric radiographer in a large district general hospital, where she is an advanced practitioner.

  • Emma Rose (vice-chair) is a consultant interventional radiographer in a world-renowned specialist children’s hospital.

  • Harry Bliss, (secretary) has a background as Head of Education in Advancing Practice, in both under and post graduate education, and is an Advanced Practitioner.