Imaged Guided Radiotherapy SIG (IGRT SIG)

The purpose of the Imaged Guided Radiotherapy SIG (IGRT SIG) is to provide clinical governance for the Imaging in radiotherapy centres across the UK.

The increase in the volumes and complexities in imaged based verification in Radiotherapy Centres across the UK, has led to the increase of imaging specialist radiographer posts. In each radiotherapy centre, there are usually one or two imaging radiographers and their roles can vary widely between centres. This can leave imaging radiographers feeling quite isolated in their specialised roles.

The Radiotherapy Advanced Imaging Practitioners Forum's aims include:

  • To support and contribute to the development of best practice in image based verification.
  • To lead improvement and development of the highest standards in imaging services.
  • To facilitate the professional development of those healthcare professionals who are involved or wish to be involved in provision of treatment verification services.
  • To provide a means for such healthcare professionals to meet and exchange ideas and information.
  • The provision of advice and support to those radiographers already working in the field of treatment verification or those interested in becoming involved in imaging.

How to join the Google group

In order for you to take part in discussions, you will need to join the Google group. You can do this by emailing Jenny Poole (the founder of the group) and request to be a member with an outline of your role and responsibilities and what you aim to obtain from being a member.

Once your request has been accepted (and please do this in a timely manner otherwise your invitation will expire), you will need to create a Google account in order to log into the group.