Prostate Site Special Interest Group

Who can join?

Any professional from the oncology sector with an interest in prostate cancer treatment and care.

Terms of reference

With increased technological advancements prostate cancer radiotherapy has become increasingly complex as has the management of acute and late side effects.

Nationally, there is a wide variation in handling of common issues relating to patient information, pre-treatment preparation, treatment and care.  The Prostate Site Specialist SIG has been set up to create an open forum for members to network, share and collaborate on experiences, best practice, research, audits and service evaluations to improve prostate cancer care and management.

This group has been running for many years now with a very active and open discussion board with always well attended annual meetings pushing forward the boundaries of prostate radiotherapy and the role of therapeutic radiographers and AHPs.

The group will remain both independent from vendors and non-judgemental about the ways in which people choose to work.

Aims and objectives of the group

• To share and advance the knowledge of prostate cancer specialists within radiotherapy departments and their staff
• To help and offer solutions to specific problems, through a community of information sharing
• To remain vendor independent
• To ensure a high standard of patient care and safety at all times
• To lobby on issues that compromise the changes required
• To share relevant and pertinent information from multiple sources


Please check the calendar of the Synapse Group homepage for details on any upcoming events.



If you're interested in joining please email:

Gayan Chetiyawardana  
[email protected] 


Hannah Nightingale

[email protected]