Radiation Induced Skin Reactions (RISR)

Providing healthcare practitioners a platform to discuss and share RISR assessment, management and teaching information to better support all patient

This group aims to provide healthcare practitioners a platform to discuss and share RISR assessment, management and teaching information to better support all patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

The group was established by Naman Julka-Anderson and Samaneh Shoraka to improve access to RISR information and develop networks of multidisciplinary support throughout the UK and beyond.

Aims and responsibilities

  • Provide peer support for therapeutic radiographers to share knowledge and clinical expertise and to exchange ideas.
  • Promote and lead improvement and innovation in identifying and assessing RISR.
  • Contribute to the development of best practice guidelines and information for the health profession and patients.
  • Facilitate professional development and raise the profile of therapeutic radiographers with an interest in skin late effects amongst health care profession and the wider landscape including cancer charities.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of training requirements and opportunities.
  • Develop and participate in research projects that will benefit patients with RISR.
  • Coordinate with ESTRO members for international information sharing, idea dissemination and projects.
  • Understand patient experiences with respect to RISR through a Public Patient Involvement (PPI) group.
  • Coordinate a collaborative approach to understanding cultural differences with respect to skin tone assessment and RISR management.
  • Work with charities to help improve advice and services for RISR.
  • Collaborate with other professions to improve awareness of radiotherapy and RISR.
  • Support student learning and mentorship through directly working with students and higher education institutes (HEIs) to improve learning and development with respect to RISR.
  • Support SCoR with information for continual RISR updates.


  • A minimum of one meeting per year will be held virtually or at SCoR headquarters, individual members will be expected to cover their own expenses and organise time away from their roles.
  • SCoR will host online forum’s for members to access and discuss in
  • Members are responsible for ensuring any sensitive and/or confidential information relating to patients is not circulated on the online forum in line with GDPR and confidentiality guidelines.


  • Free to therapeutic and diagnostic radiographers affiliated to the SoR.
  • A SCoR officer may be invited to meetings to provide advice and updates where required.
  • Members are expected to contribute to the online forum and projects arising from the online forum or any meetings.
  • Members are encouraged to share knowledge and local projects to help further standardise RISR assessment, management and teaching.
  • The appointed chair and co-chair(s) will be reviewed annually.
  • A minute taker will be appointed for each meeting and these will be available on the members page for viewing along with a recording of the meeting.
  • Representation from other specialities, organisations and PPI partners will welcomed by invitation from the chair or co-chair(s); access to the online forum will not be available, only attendance of meetings and minutes.

If you’d like to join the SIG please contact


Naman Julka-Anderson

[email protected]

[email protected]