Reporting Radiographer SIG

Providing reporting radiographers a platform to connect and share best practice.

This group aims to provide a supportive and collaborative network for reporting radiographers to promote our areas of speciality, the profession, and high standards across the UK.

Initially established in 2023 by Helen Watts and Selina Watson, with the aim of providing regional support in the North East of England. However, we are now opening the group to members from across the UK as we feel that we have many shared interests and issues, regardless of geography. This group has mainly been focused around projection radiography/ plain film reporting, however we are open to wider modalities and topics based on member requirements. The term reporting radiographer is used in our group name, to reflect the shared task and skills that bring us together; we recognise that members may have other role titles and may practice at enhanced, advanced or consultant levels of practice.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To encourage communication and networking across the UK.   
  • To exchange ideas, best practice, information, and interesting cases.  
  • To lead improvement and development of the highest standards in reporting and advancing practice.  
  • To promote engagement across the four pillars of practice.  
  • To encourage, share and provide education and CPD opportunities.  
  • To provide peer support around training, preceptorships, audit processes, innovation, and ongoing developments


  • Membership is free.  
  • Open to all qualified reporting radiographers or trainee reporting radiographers in the UK.    
  • There are regular Microsoft Teams meetings. 
  • There is a private, members only Synapse webpage for sharing of meeting recordings, resources and discussions. 

Important Contacts:

Chair: Helen Watts

Co-Chair: Selina Watson

Join the SIG:

Interested in joining the SIG? Or for any other queries, please email: [email protected]

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To join the Reporting Radiographer Synapse Group online, please email: [email protected]

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