Retired Member's Steering Group

A wealth of knowledge, skills and experience is potentially lost to the profession and to the Society and College of Radiographers through the retirement of radiographers/members. Demands on currently employed radiographers continue to grow, with less time available for voluntary activities associated with the profession and the organisation. The Society and College support the establishment of a special interest group for retired members.


  • Provide advice and support on request to the Society and College;
  • Carry out tasks on behalf of the Society and College;
  • Advise on availability of information;
  • To be responsible for the organisation and promotion of retired members' events, including an Annual Study Day/Social Gathering;
  • To publish articles in Synergy News from time-to-time;
  • To maintain the Retired Members' website pages;
  • To establish links with Regional Committees/National Councils;
  • Maintain links with other organisations, eg, The British Society for the History of Radiology (BSHR), BIR, Age UK, NHS Retirement Fellowship. etc.

Organising Committee

The organising committee comprises a core membership of 12 (including the chair and nominee of UK Council), the organising committee meets twice in the year to co-ordinate activities of the Group. Secretarial support is provided by the SoR and meetings are attended (whenever possible) by the CEO. 

In addition to organisation of the annual social gathering/study day, the committee undertakes work in pursuit of specific aims. These aims are subject to review on a biennial basis.


Any member of the Society and College of Radiographers who expresses an interest in participating in the group is eligible for membership. Continuing membership of the Society and College is required for participating in the Retired Members' Group.