Senior Strategic Leadership Special Interest Group

The purpose of the Senior Strategic Leadership Specialist Interest Group (SSL -SIG) Network for Allied Health Professions (AHP) Leads and Directors in Radiography is to provide a supportive forum for AHP leaders who work in strategic roles and are qualified HCPC registered radiography professionals. The group is inclusive of the four nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

While the Society of Radiographers has agreed to host the SSL -SIG, it is imperative to acknowledge that the perspectives and stances of this group may or may not be in alignment with the official policies of the SoR.

The specialist Interest group (SIG) aims to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange, and intelligence sharing among its members while remaining connected with the profession of radiography (to include the specialisms within radiography such as ultrasonography, nuclear medicine, mammography etc.) Recognising the increasing presence of radiographers in senior strategic leadership and directorial positions within the NHS, private and third-party sectors the group has been established to leverage this capacity and influence to advocate for the radiography profession.


- Networking and Connection:

  • Facilitate opportunities for Radiographers in High-Level Strategic Leadership Roles such as divisional directors or those with significant responsibilities for national working and policy development (i.e at Band 8d and Beyond or Equivalent)) to connect and build professional relationships.
  • Organise regular networking events, seminars, and conferences to promote collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

- Knowledge Exchange:

  • Encourage the exchange of ideas, expertise, and experiences among members to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Organise workshops and training sessions such as leadership development, management, and strategic thinking.

- Intelligence Sharing:

  • Function as a platform for sharing information, trends, and developments relevant to radiography and wider health and care leadership.
  • Provide insights and updates on policy changes and initiatives that impact the radiography profession.

- Mutual Support and Well-being: 

  • Foster a culture of mutual support, mentorship, championing, and peer coaching within the network.
  • Provide a safe space for members to discuss challenges and seek guidance in their leadership roles.

- Professional Development:

  • Promote continuing professional development opportunities for multi-disciplinary leaders who maintain radiography HCPC registration.
  • Encourage members to take on leadership roles within the NHS, voluntary, third sectors, professional bodies, and committees.
  • Support talent management offers i.e., Council of Deans 150 Leader programme, Society and College of Radiographer Leadership development programme. The focus of this group would be mid-career radiographers as defined by NHS Improvement (2019)

- Collaboration with Other AHP Leadership Networks:

  • Establish connections and collaboration opportunities with similar AHP leadership networks within other AHP professional groups such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy- to share experiences and learn from each other.

Host and Support: 

The Strategic Senior Leadership Specialist Interest Group (SSL_SIG) for radiographers in senior strategic roles is self-governed. It is hosted by the Society and College of Radiographers on the special interest platform. 

The Society recognises the increasing number of radiographers in senior management and directorial positions across health and care sectors and seeks to maintain a connection with these influential leaders. The group acknowledges that radiography is emerging in strategic senior healthcare roles, and therefore, aims to provide profession-specific support for these professionals, fostering a strong and united voice for the profession at higher levels. The group is particularly invested in supporting underrepresented groups in senior positions with a special focus on intersecting identities. 

Through this Senior Leadership Support Network, we aspire to build a strong community of MDT leaders in radiography who are well-equipped, connected, and motivated to drive positive change and progress for the profession and healthcare. Together, we will lead with purpose and make a lasting impact on the future of radiography.

Key Contacts:

Gareth Hill

Janice St-John Matthews