Superficial Radiotherapy Special Interest Group

There is a need for a coordinated networking facility that can support therapeutic radiographers who have superficial radiotherapy as part of their developing specialism. The purpose of the group is to facilitate and enable consultation and knowledge transfer across UK radiotherapy.

The aims of the group are

  • To facilitate and enable these professionals to share and promote best practice and generate new ideas.

  • To provide advice and support to those radiographers already working in the field of superficial treatment or those interested in becoming involved.

  • To lead improvement and development of the highest standards in superficial radiotherapy.
  • Identify current challenges that could lead to coordinated research investigations that could take forward treatment approaches for this specialist site.
  • Develop learning resources to support knowledge of current developments in the field.

Click here to download the group's Terms of Reference.


Qualified therapy radiographers with an interest and/or expertise in superficial radiotherapy.

How to join the Google group

In order to participate in group in discussions, you will need to join the Google group. You can do this by emailing Loretta Jones and request to become a member with an outline of your role and responsibilities and what you aim to obtain from being a member.
Once your request has been accepted (and please do this in a timely manner otherwise your invitation will expire), you will need to create a Google account in order to log into the group.


Loretta Jones 
Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer – Skin Specialty