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UK Council 

The UK Council of the Society of Radiographers is the Board of Directors and the governing Executive Committee for all our activities. Members of the Council are elected from the membership by other members on a regional basis.

All full members of the Society are eligible to stand for election. The term of office is three years. At the end of a term, the elected Council member may stand again for a further term but it is important that members in the region are given the opportunity either to stand for election or to nominate another member to stand. This ensures that Council retains democratic legitimacy.

If you are elected to UK Council you will have a range of legal duties including (but not limited to): 

  • representing and promoting agreed policies 
  • representing the trades union and professional interests of all Society members
  • developing and promoting the advancement of the radiography profession and the wider radiographic workforce
  • undertaking campaign work as required 
  • encouraging recruitment of members in the Countries and Region(s)
  • attending and speaking at national and international conferences, events and meetings

When a vacancy arises, you can nominate yourself as long as you have the support of four other SoR members, who will sign your application form to declare their support. 

When completing your nomination form, you also need to send a statement of interest (up to 500 words) covering why you are applying and outlining your professional and personal interests. Should there be an election, this statement will be used. 

The SoR is committed to equal opportunities and values diversity in its workforce. 

For more information on the role and responsibilities, please see the UK Council member handbook

Voting opens for regional representatives

A formal postal ballot is taking place for the London, North West and Wales representative seats on UK Council from Friday 5 April to noon on Wednesday 24 April. Eligible members in these regions will receive a yellow envelope in the post containing their ballot pack and an invitation to vote. 

Completed ballots must received by noon on Wednesday 24 April 2024, to be counted.

The following candidates are in the running to become regional representatives on UK Council. 

London Candidates

  • David ‘Dai’ Morris

    My name is David (Dai) Morris and welcome to my personal election statement! I am a proud Welshman in exile residing in London and am currently a senior rotational diagnostic radiographer in Kings College Hospital. I have been a diligent SOR Industrial Relations Representative since my election in 2018 and was awarded London Rep of year in 2023. I have represented the SOR and our members on Staffside and have previously been a Staff Governor within my Trust. I am under no illusion that the future of our highly skilled profession will be difficult and that is why I wish to represent all SOR members in the UK as the council member for the London region.

    The 2021 – 2024 manifesto is an important tool to outline objectives and offer direction, and who could argue against the values of equality, integrity and advocacy? These should be the Nolan principles for all in public life and the future of the SOR and the NHS will continue to be an successful if followed by all.

    The new SOR manifesto is imminent, and I am strongly looking forward to focussing on the how's and whys to help implement its contents. How are we to improve moving forward? I am a firm believer of listening to our members and collating ideas. Having worked in 5 different Trusts in various parts of the country, I like to gauge how issues are dealt with at both local and national levels and as Councillor I would be in a firm position to help aid, develop and apply ideas.

    The strength of any Union stems from the bottom up and it is imperative we recruit more members and reps. I have been successful in recruiting several new reps in my hospital and am currently involved in updating our Staffside manifesto which aims to highlight the importance of both. This is a cross profession exercise which we hope will deliver on multiple fronts. The more the merrier!

    I have been a previous attendee of our ADC and had the privilege of speaking on stage several times both for and against motions. Although this was terrifying, I would be honoured to have the opportunity to speak for the SOR and our members at other events.

    On a personal level, I understand being a rep or health professional is not an easy task. They are incredibly difficult, and I often find myself in a lonely place despite all of the help and advice I have been given by my incredible peers and the SOR. I have gained innumerable new skills from these experiences meaning the positives far outweigh the negatives which will be influential in being a successful SOR Councillor.

    Stronger together.

    David ‘Dai’ Morris 
    Candidate for London Region Representative on UK Council

  • Christian Nweze

    I’m a Radiographer/ Sonographer from Imperial College NHS Healthcare.

    The word leadership according to professor Lind Hills from Harvard Business School is a journey of continuous learning and growth. It’s a process in which one thrives on embracing challenges, seeking feedback, fostering connections, and cultivating understanding. I’m also of the opinion that ‘Star leaders according to Hills aren’t born with superhuman capabilities. Rather, they tend to have intentionally put themselves in situations where they have to learn, adapt, and grow — a crucible for developing the tenacity and fortitude to motivate and guide others.’ Being in leadership position is an act of Service to humanity, of which accountability, Adaptability, creativity Resilience and Empathy are paramount. With the experience I have gathered so far in leadership and management, I believe I’m a good fit for this position and above all see the need to represent my colleagues at the national level. To help elude their curiosities and convey their intentions to the national level and foster a symbiotic relationship between professionals and policymakers.

    Leadership Mindset
    Having leadership mindset cuts across human nature. Everyone is born a leader but it’s paramount that the person with the interest of the masses at heart puts in the required energy and develop the skills necessary for  the betterment of the organisation.

    Leadership is an extra work and I’m out to give my best.

    I’m going to consolidate and concentrate more on the SoR strategies which includes member engagement and respects to our diversities.

    Wider participation and involvement of members in all aspects of policy making. I will work towards creating leading changes in learning and development especially as it regards AI involved in healthcare.

    Radiography as a profession will be recognised, respected and valued. I will be here to represent members, serve them, keep an open arms to welcome new and existing members.

    Being part of the council, I will promote effective and sustainable organisation.

    In summary; if I’m given an opportunity, I will make myself available for all the events, out of hour meetings and conferences including other socialising activities just to see that we achieve a better SoR for all members

    Christian Nweze
    Candidate for London Region Representative on UK Council

  • Shilpa Dubey

    My name is Shilpa, I am senior radiographer and SoR Rep from Whittington NHS Trust. Throughout my career and involvement within our union, I have consistently advocated for the rights and interests of our members, evolving from a rank-and-file member to my current role. This journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of member issues and the broader landscape of labour relations in the UK. Engaging in workshops, seminars, and grassroots campaigns has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of our organization’s inner workings. Collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds has honed my leadership skills & insights, making me well-prepared to serve on the UK Council in SoR.

    Experience and Skills:

    • Diverse skills developed through experience in Radiography.
    • Proficient including strategic planning, negotiation, communication, and problem-solving.
    • Skilled in collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.
    • Able to navigate complex issues and find innovative solutions through collaboration.
    • Proven track record of active involvement within our union. Commitment to the SoR Strategy:
    • the union remains agile, responsive, and forward-thinking.
    • Dedicated to leveraging expertise and experience for meaningful contributions to long-term success
    • Possess a keen understanding of the SoR Strategy & its objectives
    • Well-positioned to provide strategic insights and guidance aligned with the union’s vision and values
    • Promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives.
    • Enhancing member engagement for driving positive change.

    Demonstrating Commitment to the Role and Values:

    • Committed to maintaining transparency in all actions and decisions, ensuring members are kept informed about developments and decisions affecting them.
    • Willing to be held accountable for my actions and decisions, actively seeking feedback from members to continuously improve representation.
    • Engaging proactively with members to understand their concerns, priorities, and aspirations, ensuring that their interests remain at the forefront of decision-making processes.
    • Taking initiative to address emerging issues and challenges faced by members, advocating for necessary changes and improvements.
    • Recognizing the dynamic nature of the role and the evolving needs of members, committed to ongoing learning and professional development to enhance effectiveness as a representative
    • Open to feedback and constructive criticism, using it as an opportunity for personal growth and improvement
    • Striving to build strong relationships with fellow council members, union leadership, and members at large, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment conducive to achieving shared goals. Prioritizing open communication, respect, and inclusivity in all interactions, ensuring that diverse perspectives are valued and considered in decision making processes.

    Key messages to voters

    • In conclusion, my commitment to the role and its values is unwavering, demonstrated through active participation, transparency, and accountability.
    • I pledge to engage proactively with members, address their concerns, and advocate for their interests both within and outside of formal meetings. Continuous learning, building strong relationships, and fostering inclusivity are at the core of my approach to serving as your representative.
    • With your support, I am confident that together, we can work towards a stronger, more responsive union that truly represents the needs and aspirations of all members.
    • Thank you for considering me for this important role, and I look forward to earning your trust and confidence.

    Shilpa Dubey
    Candidate for London Region Representative on UK Council

  • James Barber

    My name is James, and I’ve proudly been an SoR member for over a decade. As a Superintendent Therapeutic Radiographer in North London and an active member of various professional groups, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact each radiography professional can have on our profession and the lives we touch. I’m standing for UK Council because I am dedicated to raising standards and tackling challenges head-on. With my experience and involvement in various leadership roles, I am committed to proactive representation, fostering collaboration, and will champion our profession’s interests when advocating for the London Regions needs.

    I am co-founder and chair of the Radiotherapy Pre-Treatment Special Interest Group, chair of the LGBTQI+ Equalise Workers group and member of the UK SABR Consortium Technical Advisory Group, and this year will be my second as Equalise Delegate Lead to the SoR Annual Delegates Conference. The combined experience of these roles, along with over 12 years as a Therapeutic Radiographer, have given me many transferable skills to support me in being an effective member of UK Council for the SoRs London Region members.

    As part of my role within Equalise, I have attended LGBTQI+ events including the LGBT Health Conference and Pride where I was proud to advocate for the SoRs first pride appearances and subsequently attend them at London, Belfast and UK Black Pride in 2023. At these, I have always heard how our profession and the Society has been among those first to engage with and support equality causes, which is a message I want all our members to hear and take pride in.

    I strongly believe that the ongoing development of the radiographic professions is essential to us continuing to excel and be an exemplar which radiographers around the globe can aspire towards. This includes technical development, professional development and promotion of equality. This is integral in us continuing to deliver outstanding care to all our patients.

    Due to my role within Equalise and events such as ADC, I have begun to gain an understanding of the inner workings of the SoR and would welcome the opportunity to build on this if I were to gain this position, and share this insight with our members to give greater clarity on how our Society functions. The SoR has clear and admirable aims and directives which I hope to have the chance to assist in shaping going forwards to continue our ongoing development.

    If elected, I will do all I can to be a voice for equality and acceptance for all protected characteristics groups, promoting continuation of the excellent work our Society has already done, and championing the improvements it can still make. I will do everything possible to amplify our professions voice, both within the healthcare community and across the wider population at a time when it is easy to be drowned out, and do everything possible to allow our members to continue to reach their fullest potential, showcasing their successes to demonstrate the invaluable work we all do every day.

    James Barber
    Candidate for London Region Representative on UK Council

North West Candidates

  • N. Zainab Shah

    I am a therapeutic radiographer qualified and working within mammography. As one of the Council of Deans 150 Leaders, my goal is to lead and ensure inclusive environments are maintained where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. I aspire to gain wider participation by motivating others within the profession and SoR, towards leading change and development for all, in line with the SoR 2021-2024 strategy.

    Radiography deserves the upmost recognition and respect, as it is the core for healthcare diagnoses and treatments. To be elected for Council, representing the North West region, will be a tremendous opportunity to contribute further afield, in a meaningful way. I have always had a strong passion for empowering and encouraging individuals to pursue careers and progress in radiography. As a council member I can amplify making a real difference whilst giving back to the profession, ensuring optimum representation.

    Being a SoR member and part of a wider network, since a student, has enhanced my career progression and pathway as well as joining Equalise representing diversity allowing me to stand for equality for all - regardless of individual background. Recently, I was the delegate lead for the SoR at the TUC Women’s Conference and I am committed to promote professional growth, engaging in discussions, contributing to shaping the future of radiography.

    Throughout my career, I strive to provide the highest quality care for patients while advocating for the rights and wellbeing of radiographers. If elected, I will continue to champion these values. I currently mentor and support aspiring radiographers and would endorse this on a wider level. By being part of the council, I can actively encourage and guide individuals who consider a career in radiography, as well as in training. I firmly believe in the power of mentorship and the positive impact it can have on individual professional journeys. Through mentorship initiatives, I can provide guidance inspiring future and current radiographers reinforcing the importance of building emotional resilience, through any obstacles faced.

    I believe in the importance of continuous learning and growth, and I would strive to share opportunities for members to enhance skills, expand knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. Additionally, I would work towards promoting a supportive and inclusive environment within the profession, ensuring that radiographers feel valued, respected, and empowered. I believe in the power of collaboration and communication. As a Council member, I will actively listen to your concerns, ideas, and suggestions, and work together with you to address them. Together, we can address challenges, explore advancements in technology, and work towards enhancing the overall practice of radiography.

    I am committed to making a positive impact and advocating for the importance of radiography in healthcare. Through collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy, I believe that together we can shape the future of radiography and contribute to the best service for patients and professionals alike.

    I aim to serve all, represent all and welcome all. I kindly ask for your support in radiating positivity and improvements together.

    N. Zainab Shah
    Candidate for North West Region Representative on UK Council

  • Thomas Welton

    In July 2024, I move to become the President of the Society of Radiographers. Over the last 6 years I have worked very hard as the Northwest UK Council member and feel my commitment in my role has led to measurable improvements within the profession. I have sat on important sub groups and advisory groups such as the research advisory group, the student forum, the college board of trustees (CoR) as well as representing the profession on outside agencies such as the RCR faculty board and as a Radiology and Oncology Congress trustee (UKIO).

    Professionally I have a strong attitude towards improvement and as an industrial relations rep for my trust, I have lobbied both locally and nationally for awareness of the radiography role (both diagnostic and therapeutic). Once in my presidential role, I plan to take this drive and continue to work well with my other UK council colleagues and staff of the SoR and CoR to represent the radiography workforce.

    In the Northwest, we hold a unique position. As the largest region outside of London and with a great interest politically, we must have a strong voice for the profession and for healthcare. I feel I can give that voice and am the right candidate for the Northwest of England.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on UK council so far and would like the opportunity to spend this 3rd (and as such my final) term in the seat. Representing the region professionally and giving a strong voice to the Northwest has been an honour up to now and I hope to continue this through my next term.

    Thomas Welton
    Candidate for North West Region Representative on UK Council

  • Constance Seddon

    I am Constance Seddon, a dedicated radiographer with over 37 years of experience. As a proud member of the Society of Radiographers, I am eager to represent the Northwest region on UK Council. My expertise spans from General X-ray, military trauma imaging, I then specialised in Paediatric radiography as well as Nuclear Medicine, I hold a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Medicine.

    I am driven to contribute to the profession that has been my passion for nearly four decades. With a background in both hospital settings and life experiences, I aim to bridge the gap between regional members and the UK Council, advocating for improved working conditions and patient care.

    If elected, I pledge to support Council policies on Industrial Relations, Health and Safety, and Learning and Development. I am excited to participate in sharing and spreading the recently launched manifesto, which will make the public know about the essential work of radiographers, the planning, recruitment, development and progress of the workforce. I already promote the profession, as a member of the Society of Radiographers, representing my region in Council would be an extra mile, which I will not take lightly and will serve diligently.

    Council is not just a head office making decisions, they have consultations with members, different people experience different challenges. It would bring me satisfaction to serve in the team that upholds safety, protection and lobbying for funding of care in UK. My track-record includes public speaking engagements at various events, such as AIDS awareness campaigns, Black History Month celebrations, Organ donation talks and community initiatives. I am actively involved in charity work, aligning with the Society’s values of advocacy, equality and integrity. On 16/02/2024, I received The Kings Award for volunteer services in the local community.

    Here is why I am suited for the role:

    1. My extensive experience in imaging and public engagement spans over 37 years, allowing me to navigate diverse settings and build valuable connections.
    2. I have honed my public speaking skills through courses and have represented the Society at events, including trade union conferences, World Radiography Day events and youth career days.
    3. I bring a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, actively involving radiographers from all backgrounds in Society activities.
    4. My involvement in presidential inaugurations and special interest groups showcases my dedication to advancing the field, particularly Nuclear Medicine.
    5. I have leveraged social media to raise awareness about radiography and STEM careers, I have engaged with schools to promote the profession to young minds.
    6. Through recruitment efforts and providing support to members, I have demonstrated my commitment to fostering a strong radiography community.
    7. Currently serving as an Equalise Observer, I am poised to represent the Northwest region effectively in Council meetings.

    *In this ever-evolving profession, elect me to champion the Society and Council’s initiatives for workplace safety, fairness and professional development, ultimately ensuring a positive patient experience. Radiography is rewarding for me, I will feel priviledged to serve clinically and non-clinically, if elected into Council.

    Constance Seddon
    Candidate for North West Region Representative on UK Council

Wales Candidates

  • Clive MacCallum-Roberts

    Coming into the profession as a mature student, I graduated with a BSc (Hons) from Bangor University in 2005, following this I attended Salford University to undertake my MSc in Advanced Medical Imaging, graduating in 2015. After commencing work at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor I joined the interventional team before adding barium enemas to my role, later I helped set up the CT colonography service to replace the enemas. In 2011 I started work with upper GI imaging and over the following years I commenced covering the barium swallow and videofluoroscopy service for all 3 hospitals within the health board. In 2019 I was asked to take over the paediatric VF service and I expanded this from a single site monthly clinic to a 2 site bi-monthly clinic to provide care closer to home for our patients. I have wide experience of coaching and mentoring, having trained 2 more advanced practice radiographers in upper GI imaging, I also train radiology registrars in the art of performing and reporting on these examinations.

    As part of my advanced role I am the Radiology representative on the Health and Safety, People and Culture, Quality, Infection Prevention and Medical Devices committees locally. I am an engagement officer for the disability network which crosses over with the equality, diversity (including neurodiversity) and ethnic minority networks. I am passionate about bringing the best out of people and giving everyone and equal say and equal chances.

    Education is another part of my role that I am passionate about and I am a visiting lecturer for undergraduate Radiographers at Bangor University and for undergraduate Speech and Language Therapists at Wrexham University, as well as being a clinical assessor for both undergraduate, postgraduate students and radiology registrars.

    Both Clinical Governance and Health and Safety are important areas of my work when not in my clinical role, I am of the opinion that robust systems in both of these areas are essential for providing the best care and experience for our patient as well as ensuring that staff have the best working experience and guidance in professional matters.

    Having been a member of the SoR Welsh Council and recently appointed to the role of Welsh Language representative, I am keen to use my experience, both as a patient as well as a radiographer to assist the society to progress the already excellent work done for the benefit of our members by serving on the UK council.

    I am hoping that by being elected onto UK council I will be able to help influence the Society’s strategies to strengthen its representation of our members through encouraging wider participation with the Society’s activities from both the diagnostic and therapeutic communities. I am particularly keen to encourage students to become engaged with the society as they are the future leaders of our profession.

    Clive MacCallum-Roberts
    Candidate for Wales Representative on UK Council

  • Jayne Alexandra Hatfield

    My name is Alexandra Hatfield, I have been a member of the SOR since qualification in 2019. I have worked in Bronglais Hospital located in Mid Wales since qualification. I have worked as a radiographer, following completion of my Mammography Certificate in 2021, I progressed to Mammography Lead. I still regularly work across modalities in both CT and MRI.

    I have been an IR rep in my department for 2 years which introduced me to The Welsh regional council which I currently am Vice-chair and ADC Lead for 2024. I will be able to transfer the skills I have advanced during these roles such as communication, leadership, autonomy and teamwork to my Role if successful on UK council .

    I have a keen interest in ensuring that radiography remains a patient centred service and that it remains caring and compassionate. I Also believe that Imaging workforce progression is a vital component in maintaining services. I have an interest in policy and procedures and am keen to be a voice for the Imaging workforce in Wales and be a positive advocate for change.

    Although I have only been qualified for a short time, I feel I am not to be underestimated. I am passionate and put 100% into everything I do and I thrive on being the best professional I can be and will ensure I transfer this to my role in UK council if successful.

    As a company director I will endeavour to maintain the continuity and development of the SOR by ensuring it remains relevant to the members of the Welsh region.

    Jayne Alexandra Hatfield
    Candidate for Welsh Region Representative on UK Council

  • Charlotte Evans

    As a dedicated member of the profession, I believe I embody the values and principles that make our society strong and vibrant. During my time as a therapeutic radiographer, I have experienced a variety of different departments in a variety of roles including pre-treatment, planning and providing treatment to patients. I have a well-rounded knowledge of the radiotherapy pathway and have a commitment to improving the service with the patient being at the heart of everything we do.

    I know my experience both in the field and in my previous career as an educator makes me the ideal candidate for a position on the UK Council. I possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and a deep commitment to collaboration and teamwork. I have consistently demonstrated the ability to inspire and motivate colleagues, students, and trainees, fostering a culture of excellence within our community.

    I will foster and uphold the SoR Strategy by promoting the society not only within the workplace but with the public, making sure people know what the service brings and how it impacts the everyday lives of our patients. I will be an active member of the council, attending meetings, serving on committees and advisory groups, and getting involved in activities outside of these.

    Charlotte Evans
    Candidate for Wales Region Representative on UK Council

Further information 

If you'd like to ask any questions about what serving on UK Council is like, please email our President, Dave Pilborough, for a quick chat. While for queries about elections, please contact our Governance Manager Zoe Willenbrock.