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Please note: There are currently no open vacancies to join UK Council. 


The UK Council of the Society of Radiographers is the Board of Directors and the governing Executive Committee for all our activities. Members of the Council are elected from the membership by other members on a regional basis.

All fully qualified members of the Society are eligible to stand for election. The term of office is three years. At the end of a term, the elected Council member may stand again for a further term but it is important that members in the region are given the opportunity either to stand for election or to nominate another member to stand. This ensures that Council retains democratic legitimacy.

The role

If you are elected to UK Council you will have a range of legal duties including (but not limited to): 

  • representing and promoting agreed policies 
  • representing the trades union and professional interests of all Society Members
  • developing and promoting the advancement of the radiography profession and the wider radiographic workforce
  • undertaking campaign work as required 
  • encouraging recruitment of members in the Countries and Region(s)
  • attending and speaking at national and international conferences, events and meetings

For more information on the role and responsibilities, please see both the nomination pack (application form) and the UK Council member handbook

Current vacancies 

There are currently no open vacancies. 

How to apply

When a vacancy arises, you can nominate yourself as long as you have the support of four other SoR members (and a maximum of seven), who will sign your application form (see pg 10-13 of the nomination pack) to declare their support. 

When you return your form, please also send a statement of interest (up to 500 words) covering why you are applying and outlining your professional and personal interests. Should there be an election, this statement will be used. 

The SoR is committed to equal opportunities and values diversity in its workforce. 

Got questions? 

If you'd like to ask any questions about what serving on UK Council is like, please email our immediate past president and current Chair of Council, Claire Donaldson, for a quick chat.