Our position as a trade union and professional body

SoR UK Council statement agreed at the Annual Delegates Conference 2019

The Society of Radiographers is both a professional body and a trade union.

The professional and education team as well as the trade union staff work collaboratively for the benefit of our members. This ensures that the clinical imaging and radiotherapy workforces are effectively supported, guided and represented, which in turn safeguards both members and patients who are at the centre of everything we stand for.

We are committed to our joint structure because we understand that to deliver effective representation and guidance for our members requires clear knowledge and experience of working in the radiography profession. The close collaborative working relationships of both professional and regional officers provide for this.

The Society of Radiographers philosophy is always to ensure that at the heart of any trade union argument is a member’s professional responsibility to provide a high standard of care to the patient. It is important to acknowledge that most trade union issues are inextricably linked to professional ones and consequently working together strengthens how we can support members.

UK council will ensure that the organisation as a whole is effectively governed within the joint structure i.e. as both a professional body and a trade union providing the highest degree of accountability whilst always striving for a fully engaged membership and at all times valuing and being informed by the patient voice.