Northern Ireland Council

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The Council has 16 Executive Members and 16 Council Members representing each constituency. They are as follows:

ChairAnn Tate 
Southern HSCT
Vice ChairpersonTBA
SecretaryGill Hodges
Cancer Centre BHSCT
TreasurerAlan Hanna
Royal Group of Hospitals BHSCT
ResearchSonyia McFadden
University of Ulster
Professional DevelopmentTBA
Health and SafetyHelena Kinkaid
Southern HSCT
Industrial RelationsSarah O’Hare
Cancer Centre, BHSCT
EducationLizzie Greer
University of Ulster
OncologyCathy Millar
Cancer Centre BHSCT
Minutes SecretarySandra Conn
Retired member
Member without portfolioTerri Gilleece
University of Ulster 
StudentsLaura Johnston, Aoife McCaffrey & Shannon McNeilly
University of Ulster
UK Council, ex-officioGill Hodges
Professional Officer. ex-officioLeandre Archer