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What is the function of Scottish Council of the Society of Radiographers?

Scottish Council of the Society of Radiographers is an elected body which works on behalf of diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, sonographers and assistant practitioners in Scotland in professional and trade union matters.

Being a member of SC is an important, interesting and rewarding position. The role is multi-faceted but broadly speaking involves:

  • recruitment and retention of members
  • ensuring the views and concerns of Scottish radiographers are heard and addressed by UK Council for the Society of Radiographers
  • protecting the interests and rights of diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, sonographers and assistant practitioners in Scotland
  • being part of the collaborative and consultative process between the workforce and Government and employers
  • promoting the professional standing of diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers and sonographers

The SC promotes equality and diversity and welcomes applications from any members irrespective of grade or level of experience. 

Vacancies for Scottish Council

If you are interested in promoting radiography and representing radiographers in Scotland then please consider becoming a member of Scottish Council. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills and demonstrate your commitment to the profession.

The following representative positions are vacant:

  • Health & Safety Representative 
  • Industrial Relations Representative 
  • Education Representative
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Representative
  • Manager's Forum Representative 
  • Assistant Practitioner's Representative
  • Allied Health Professional Federation for Scotland Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Oncology Representative
  • Member without Portfolio (6 available places)

To send an expression of interest or seek further information please contact our Chair, Ian Henderson via [email protected].

Scottish Council Contact Details

Chair: Ian Henderson

Vice Chair: Ross McGhee

Secretary: Caroline Handley

Website Coordinator:  Caroline Handley

You can also follow us on social media for updates:

Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Study Day

This year's event will take place on Saturday 28 October at the Stirling Highland Hotel. The theme of this study day is inspiration, freedom, and leadership, and it it will offer excellent CPD lectures.

The purpose of the AGM is to:

  • report to the Scottish membership about the work undertaken by SC
  • elicit the views of the membership
  • elect members to Council

Registration is open, book your ticket today! 

Supporting Study and CPD Events

Scottish Council will fund the cost of “CPD Now” endorsement for study sessions or CPD events organised and run in Scotland by SCoR members for SCoR members working in Scotland. Follow the link for guidance in support of applications. 

Scottish Council Policy and Guidance; Support for Study Events