How do I get started in research? This guide has the answers

Funding, patient involvement, legal aspects, and more

Published: 28 November 2019 Archive for News

A research starter pack has been published by the Society to encourage and help members begin their clinical academic career.

The document, Getting into Research: A Guide for Members of the Society of Radiographers, offers information surrounding funding, patient involvement, legal aspects, and more.

“Research is all of our business and developing our research capacity and capabilities as a profession is important to ensure we offer the best service and healthcare outcomes for our patients based on the highest quality evidence,” said Jacqueline Matthew, former chair of the SCoR research group.

“There are opportunities to undertake or facilitate research in a variety of settings including clinical, academic, educational, management, and business arenas. Working independently or as part of a team.

“SoR encourages all members to make research their business, and part of their practice.”

You can download the full document from the Policy and Guidance Document Library via the SoR website.