Radiographers who have left profession in past three years to be re-registered

Published: 19 March 2020 Archive for News

All allied health professionals who have voluntarily left the Health and Care Professions register in the past three years will automatically be re-registered to a temporary Covid-19 Register.

Final year radiography students, on UK approved programmes, who have completed all their clinical practice placements, will also be added.

Part of the government's emergency legislation to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, former registrants will be contacted in the coming weeks with information and asked if they want to return to practice.

Detailed information about the policy, guidance for those who choose to return, and FAQs will be posted on the HCPCweb page.

The statement announcing the policy, issued by the chief allied health professions officers for the four UK countries and the HCPC, said, "Being placed on this temporary register does not assume any obligation to offer support as we appreciate not everyone will be able to do so for a variety of reasons.

"To everyone who does offer to help in this time of crisis we would like to express our sincere appreciation."