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Benefits of membership

The Society of Radiographers is the only organisation that truly represents the interests of everyone working in clinical imaging, radiotherapy and oncology.

There is no other organisation that represents all of the radiographic workforce – practitioners, helpers, assistant practitioners, support workers and student radiographers.

There are great advantages of being a member and the benefits are accessible only to Society members and many are not available from any other union or professional body.

Below is a summary of the advantages of being a member. We hope you will be impressed at the range and depth of benefits.

Accredited representatives in the workplace

The Society has a network of more than 1000 representatives who look after your interests in the workplace.

They will advise and provide representation to Society members about:

• Pay and conditions of service; 

• Contracts of employment; 

• Grievance and disciplinary issues; 

• Health and safety rights; 

• Terms and conditions; 

• Career development; 

• Patient complaints. 

The Society provides support and advice if you are injured at work, or contract an employment-related illness.

If appropriate, free legal assistance is provided, as well as representation at employment tribunals and HCPC hearings. The Society’s network of trained and accredited health and safety reps are the only workplace-based trade unionists who have specific expertise relating to radiography.

Representing the profession

The Society of Radiographers is the lead body in the UK for education, research and other activities that support the practice and science of radiography and allied disciplines.

The SoR publishes professional guidance documents that lead opinion on a wide range of professional issues.

Frequently, the Society sets the standards that become the policies adopted and acclaimed by governments and health professionals worldwide.

In addition, the Society ensures that the profession and its practitioners are acting in the best interests of the public.

Professional indemnity insurance

Only the Society provides indemnity insurance specifically covering the entire radiography scope of practice as a benefit of membership. The policy includes £5 million of personal cover to protect you in the event of a claim of negligence. Further information may be found on the professional indemnity insurance page on this site.


CPD Now is the profession’s continuing professional development tool. Developed by the Society, it is available to members only through the CPD page on this site.

Users can plan and record their own development activities. CPD Now will also produce portfolio evidence for the Health Professions Council, easily and quickly, as and when required.

Conferences and seminars

The Society has an extensive programme of seminars, workshops and conferences, held across the UK. Attendance at many events is either free or at substantially reduced rates.

First with the news and professional information

The profession’s two leading monthly magazines, Imaging and Therapy Practice and Synergy News, are mailed direct to Society members only.

Imaging and Therapy Practice provides in-depth coverage of the latest professional and educational issues that affect the day-to-day working lives of therapeutic and diagnostic radiographers. All the diagnostic imaging and oncology disciplines are covered in full.

Synergy News is a lively news digest of what is happening in the workplace. Current issues and hot topics are reported, including pay and conditions, health and safety, legislation, publications, seminars, study days and job vacancies.

Role development

The Society lobbies at local, regional and national level to ensure that members have access to development opportunities suited to their skills and aspirations.

Society learning representatives work with employers to recognise your contribution to service delivery and reward you appropriately for your skills and responsibility.

Make your voice heard

The people who are members of the Society ARE the Society. Through a regional structure in England and national representatives in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Society members can make their views known. Each region and country elects members who make up the UK Council of the Society, the organisation’s policy making body.

In addition, the Society’s Annual Delegates Conference gives workplace representatives the chance to feedback members’ views and concerns to Council and the Society’s management.

Special interest groups

The Society assists with the setting up and promotion of groups that focus on specialist areas of radiography. Current SIGS include nuclear medicine, MRI, cardiac, gastro-intestinal, paediatrics, forensic and trauma imaging.

Equality for all

The Society is committed to achieving equality for all its members in employment and in the community.

Representatives and full-time officials are experienced in supporting members who feel they have been unfairly treated because of disability, race or sexuality.

There are Society networks for members who have an interest in one or more of these areas.

Research opportunities

Through a unique partnership with industry, the Society is a leading sponsor of radiography research.

Members can apply for grants and support from the organisation’s dedicated research officer.

They also have free access to the library, which is the most comprehensive collection of archived and current material about radiography.


The Society’s Benevolent Fund provides thousands of pounds a year to members and their families who need financial support.


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