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Is your department missing out on £55,000?*

Health Education England pays Local Education and Training Board commissioned placement providers £3175 per student x Market Forces Factor for a full year’s placement.

The Education and Training Tariff can pay for teaching and learning support including:

  • Direct staff teaching time in the clinical placement
  • Teaching and student facilities, including access to the library services
  • Administration costs
  • Education supervisor
  • Formal examining
  • Pastoral and supervisory support
  • In-course feedback and assessment
  • Staff training and development relating to their educational role

If you train students for more than one week a year, your hospital will receive the Education and Training Tariff.  

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For local questions about the Education and Training Tariff and its implementation please contact your local education lead or Local Education and Training Board.

*Based on 40 students on placement for 40% of a year in a hospital with the mean 2014-2015 Market Forces Factor (1.0822).

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