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Footnote 1

If you have been off the HCPC register but have been working in a related role, eg, PACS manager, systems specialist, you may be able to register without undertaking a period of updating skills and knowledge. Contact the registrations department at the HCPC.

Footnote 2

If you hold a UK qualification but have been practicing overseas, you can apply for readmission without undertaking a period of updating skills and knowledge. Contact the registrations department at the HCPC.

Procedures to be followed (in order)

1. Read all the information available on our website for returners:

2. Read all the information available on HCPC website for returners:

3. Find a clinical department to supervise your clinical practice. Use your contacts or find a hospital at:

4. Contact your local radiography education provider:

5. Before you start your clinical experience, you will need to organise a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and arrange a volunteers contract with the employing authority

6. Create two portfolios to record your clinical experience and your academic studies. See: for examples.

7. At end of period and when you meet HCPC standards, complete forms and send to HCPC.

8. Job hunting, see


Returning to practice...

If you have worked as a radiographer in the past and were registered with CPSM (Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine) or, more recently, with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). it might be possible for you to come back to the profession after a break of some years. Experience has shown that as long as you have had a good grounding after qualification and before taking a break. then it is possible to return, even if the break is a long one. Of course, it also depends what you have been doing in the intervening period. The profession benefits greatly from the input of mature returners who bring other skills, qualities and experience into the workplace. Perhaps you could be one of these people.

The current financial situation within the UK makes the job market quite difficult and we are finding that managers are less willing to host returners during the period of updating required by the HCPC. Also there are less jobs available than there  were before the recession hit. Returners are advised to be persistent and/or use personal links if they have any to secure a clinical department willing to take them on. Part time jobs are much rarer than they were and returners need to be realistic and flexible in their demands. 

Click here to download a Return to Radiography Poster PDF 
Click here to download a Return to Radiography Poster PDF

Returners seeking jobs

In the short term, you will probably be competing for jobs with newly qualified radiographers. The SCoR Returners Support Network would like to offer you the following advice:

Returners have a lot to offer! Returning radiographers very often bring other skills and qualities to the department. You may have gained experience in a different working environment, ie, in paid employment, as a volunteer or during a career break, perhaps to look after children. You would return with the skills gained through your experience. Returning radiographers tend to have a maturity which is valuable in the workforce and, once back in employment, they tend to stay and be a valuable and flexible member of staff. You will need to stress that you have these very useful transferable skills; communication, management, logistical skills which come with a certain maturity and life experience DO NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN!! Emphasise all the extra knowledge and skills that you would offer the imaging or radiotherapy department.

Jobs are advertised here:

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