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Support for former practitioners who want to re-register and return to practice

Diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers who left the profession but are looking to return are being courted by a new Health Education England initiative.

A web page encourages potential returners to register their interest and be kept up to date with courses, funding and support.

It also provides information about what returners need to do to update their skills and knowledge to meet Health and Care Professions Council re-registration requirements. It highlights funding available. 

"The web page is a fabulous resources for radiographers currently looking to get back into practice," Sue Johnson, the Society's professional officer responsible for returners, said.

"We have been closely involved with the East Midlands project, which was the test for the national initiative and have been delighted to see the successful return of several well supported radiographers," Sue continued.

"This can only be good news at a time of workforce shortage. I would urge any potential returnee to apply now. The funding pot, while reasonably generous, will run out eventually and I would be sorry to hear radiographers had missed out."

Returners who have questions should email.

Helping allied health professionals and clinical scientists return to practice 

SCoR Return to Practice information


Do you know someone who is thinking of returning to clinical practice?

The HCPC have summarised the route that a radiographer can take to return to practice in an easy to understand flow chart available on the HCPC website  Detailed information about the process and required paperwork is also available via the same link.

In summary, if the radiographer has been out of practice for between 0-2 years then there is no HCPC  requirement to update skills; in this scenario the radiographer may still be on the register or can reregister without additional conditions.  It will still be important to plan refresher training and CPD relevant to role outside of the formal registration process.

If the radiographer has been out of practice for between 2-5 years then they will need to complete a minimum of 30 days updating their skills and knowledge in practice. If the radiographer has been out of practice for over 5 years then they will need to complete a minimum of 60 days. 

To update skills and knowledge a radiographer can choose a combination of supervised practice, formal study or private study. The HCPC is not prescriptive, rather they try to be flexible to allow the applicant to choose the most convenient and beneficial route for their circumstances. However, private study can not be more than 50% of the time period. The updating period has to take place in the 12 months prior to submitting an application to return to the HCPC register.

Health Education England are currently running a return to practice programme for Allied Health Professionals, offering support and information. This includes a returners checklist and example case studies on the following link

The SoR website also provides additional information for potential returnees and managers who would like to support a returnee.  There is also returnees Google group run by a current returnee, email to be added.


Alliance medical launch new return to practice scheme for radiographers

Individuals can get more information by contacting HR via this email address  The Return to Practice Scheme for Radiographers is designed for those who have taken absence from their profession and wish to return and obtain their HCPC registration as per the HCPC requirements.

Depending on availability/location these are the three options Alliance Medical can offer to host someone who is interested from a pay framework point of view.


Option A


• Voluntary basis

• Usual travel expenses apply, i.e. travel (not home to base)

Option B


• Voluntary basis

• Employed as a Bank Clinical Assistant

• Usual travel expenses apply, i.e. travel (not home to base)

Option C


• Employed as a Clinical Assistant – fixed term (subject to a vacancy being available), undertaking planned supervised practice

Opportunity for Return to Practice Diagnostic Radiographers January 2016

The University of Derby has just achieved CoR approval for a module of study aimed at diagnostic radiographers wanting to return to practice. Places on the course are being funded initially by Health Education East Midlands and access to midlands based clinical placements is also available. Further information is available here: Students from further afield are welcome to apply as the learning is flexible and not reliant on being Derby based although a department will be required to provide the clinical support. Prospective returnees should contact Sue Errett, Module Leader, directly at email, telephone: 01332 593068

In addition, as part of the 'Allied Health Professions: Supporting Return to Practice across the East Midlands' initiative, five radiographer returner posts are being funded in the region. Click here for more information.

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