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Confirmation of qualifications/Transcript of results

The College of Radiographers offers a service to radiographers to provide both confirmation of qualifications, which is simply a letter to confirm when you completed your training, or a transcript of results which details the marks you attained for qualifications awarded by the College of Radiographers, ie, DCR, DSR, MSR, DMU. For confirmation of qualifications attained at universities, ie, BSc (Hons) or PgD programmes, please contact the institution you attended.

Both services are included as a benefit of membership of the Society of Radiographers. For non-members the fee is £40 for the confirmation of qualifications and £60 for a full transcript, including copy syllabus and record of clinical training. Payments must be made in Sterling.

If you require such a service, you should complete the form below in the first instance. If transcripts are to be forwarded by the College of Radiographers direct to a university, or similar institution, please also include a specific contact name and address.

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