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Saturday, April 18, 2015, Issue 32

What is the role of reporting radiographers in the UK?


An advanced practitioner reporting radiographer at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust is carrying out a national study to determine the role of reporting radiographers within the UK and needs your help and views in order to complete the research.

Robert Milner is undertaking the study as part of a Masters level research project and aims to provide an in-depth analysis into how reporting radiographers are utilised within the NHS, what their roles and responsibilities are, and the impact this has on advanced practice. 

Robert explains: “Previous studies have shown significant variation in reporting radiographer practice. This research aims to look specifically at the effect this has on advanced practice.”

He adds that the study aims to highlight the utilisation and recognition of radiographer reporting in the UK and will ultimately help others through providing “an insight into the scope of practice and broader responsibilities of reporting radiographers”.

“In addition,” he says, “The research will enable both reporting radiographers and managers to see how their current practice compares to other reporting practices around the UK and, if necessary, make changes to ensure that their practice is in line with national guidance and other trusts.”

To help with the research, Robert is asking radiographers (including consultant radiographers) who report either MSK, chest or abdomen plain-films and are employed within the UK to take part in an online questionnaire. It will take just a few minutes to complete and consists primarily of short, closed answers. 

Click here to access the survey.

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