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Thursday, January 25, 2018, Issue 64

Members urged to complete Violence at Work Survey

Violence at work

The 2017 SoR Annual Delegates Conference asked that a survey that was last taken almost 10 years ago be repeated to find out how many members have witnessed or been victims of violence at work.

The new questionnaire also asks members about lone working and what danger members feel they are in when working in remoter locations, or out-of-hours.

Ian Cloke, the SoR health and safety officer, said, “We want to find out how much support radiographers receive from employers, perceptions about how safe they feel, what training is provided, if they have been subject to verbal abuse, rude gestures, threats, or physical assault.

“Also, we want to understand where violence and abuse is coming from,” Ian continued. “Is it patients, the public, or other staff?

“We need the information to know the extent of abuse and violence and what members need to support and help them.”

As staff numbers have not kept up with the demand for imaging and radiotherapy services, it is possible that ‘lone working’ has become more prevalent in recent years. Ian wants to understand how often it is that individuals find themselves working without a colleague nearby, or is out of sight or hearing of another member of staff.

“Does your employer have a lone working policy, have you read it, has a risk assessment been made and do you know the risk of working alone?” Ian asked.

The results from the Violence at Work survey will be reported to members.  

The online questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

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