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Friday, October 13, 2017, Issue 118

Radiographer struck off for misconduct

Board Room

Eveline W Drummond has been struck off the HCPC Register on the grounds of misconduct whilst employed as a radiographer at Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

A panel heard that Mrs Drummond was responsible for a number of failings, including not identifying a twin pregnancy during a routine obstetric ultrasound examination of Patient A, and not recognising which twin was which on an anomaly scan of Patient B.

The panel further heard that Mrs Drummond did not identify an ectopic pregnancy in Patient D, and did not identify an abnormality in the foetus in a routine ultrasound of Patient E.

The panel chair, Stephane Pandit, commented, “These failings, coupled with a lack of insight, remorse, and remediation, gives rise to a very real risk of repetition should Mrs Drummond practise again which is fundamentally incompatible with her remaining on the register.”

Mrs Drummond was neither present nor represented at the hearing.

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