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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UK Therapeutic Student Radiographer of the Year

From left: Mark van Rossum of FujiFilm, David Evans and HCPC Chair Anna van der Gaag

David Evans has been named the UK’s Therapeutic Student Radiographer of the Year by the Society of Radiographers.

A mature student who previously worked in industry, David recently gained a first class honours degree from the University of the West of England.

“David excelled in clinical practice and patients would often ask his advice about treatment side effects, particularly male patients who felt uncomfortable discussing their problems with female staff,” explained Mandy Tuckey who nominated him for the award.

According to Mandy, David is “always going the extra mile,” and volunteered as a peer assisted learning (PAL) facilitator to support first year students in their transition and early development on the programme.

He also won the Society of Radiographers’ ‘Work the World’ competition in 2010, visiting Arusha in Tanzania where he was able to impart some of his undergraduate knowledge to make some small, but significant, improvements.

David continues to forge links with Arusha and is looking at ways to highlight the challenges faced by developing countries in providing quality cancer care and treatment.

“His recent research project focusing on the psychosocial phenomena which affect uptake of NHS cancer screening programmes has been very well received and he has been strongly recommended to publish his findings.

Mandy adds: “David has secured his first post and began his PhD in October. We feel sure that he has the determination and commitment to succeed and will make a huge difference to the radiotherapy profession.”

David commented: “I’m delighted and honoured to have been chosen for this award. Last year I won a placement in Tanzania through the SCoR Work The World competition, so I never imagined I would be so lucky to receive this award too.”

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