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Monday, April 29, 2013

SCoR members stand up and 'Get Cross'

Members get cross

ADC delegates 'Get Cross' in support of the UN Stop Rape campaign

Conference delegates supported five motions which raised issues such as violence towards women, women’s voice in the media and International Women’s Day.

Among them was Scottish Council’s call to members to stand up and ‘Get Cross’ in support the United Nation’s Stop Rape Now campaign.

Evelyn Nielson of Scottish Council, told conference: “The rape and death of a physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh in Delhi last year appalled us all. But this is the tip of iceberg – we’ve continued to read about further attacks in India and across the globe.

“I came across a story about a ten-year old girl raped by a neighbour last Monday, and then a report on Saturday of a five-year old held captive and raped over a 40-hour period. Both in India, despite the strengthening and introduction of new rape laws. In conflict zones, rape is also used a weapon of war. It’s premeditated, systemic and planned. It affects whole communities and rips them apart.”

The UN’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura, states that “up to 15% of woman in conflict zones are affected every year.” The UN’s Stop Rape Now campaign, ‘Get Cross’, aims to raise awareness of sexual violence in conflicts and prosecute those committing this crime.

Evelyn concluded: “Madame Bangura wants to consign this to the history books and ‘Get Cross’, so let’s support her.”

You can join delegates and post your own ‘Get Cross’ picture on UN’s website.

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