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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Students take action to promote radiography

CT scanner

This is not a radio!

By Claire Blakeway

A radiography student's first day at university; the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to others and relish your first taste of independence.

It’s also a day that fellow students are guaranteed to ask: “So what actually is radiography?” It's then that you correct their misperceptions by stating you study a course that has nothing to do with radios.

Radiography is at the heart of modern medicine and is a significant profession. Around 26,000 radiographers practice throughout the UK and those numbers are predicted to rapidly increase as advances imaging techniques are made. With the extension of radiographers' roles within healthcare, it is vital to the profession that its profile is increased.

At Cardiff University, we aim to do this amongst the student population at the university. To achieve our aim we have an elected radiography society, otherwise known as ‘Radsoc’.

Radsoc is comprised of a president, vice president, social secretary, treasurer, website coordinate and an academic chair. All the roles play an important part in not only supporting radiography students at the university, but organising events to contribute to our aim of increasing the radiography profile.

Radsoc are planning to write a promotional article in the university paper, the Gair Rhydd, as well as further promoting the profession through the university's radio station.

Some keen committee members are even interested in attending careers evenings at local schools to further heighten the profile.

We'll celebrate of the World Radiography Day by setting up a stall in the students union – a perfect opportunity for other students to see what radiography is all about.

The radiography committee also plans to build rapport with fellow radiography schools across UK universities as, let's face it, it's highly likely that several radiography students will work together at some point during their career. 

To build this relationship, Cardiff University will play host to the Radiography Games – a tournament that encompasses both netball and football matches.

Students are the grassroots of radiography and it’s up to us to shape the future of our profession. Enthusiasm to do this nationally will avoid misinterpretation of our practice and allow our profession to gain the respect and honour it deserves. Why not join us?

For more information, email Claire.


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