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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bullying still an issue in NHS

stop bullying

The latest NHS Staff Survey, published by NHS England shows that bullying is still a significant problem in NHS departments around the country. 

Almost a quarter (24%) of staff said that they had experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from their line manager or other colleagues in 2014, a slight increase from 2013. 

In 2012, the SoR launched its Stamp Out Bullying campaign and continually pushes home the message that bullying of any form in the workplace or university is unacceptable.

An SoR survey carried out the following year found that an alarming 40% of respondents had been subjected to incidents of bullying and harassment at work in the last two years, with 21% identifying it as a serious issue.

Humiliation and belittling behaviour topped the list of forms of bullying experienced, followed by intimidation (which could be supervising an individual in an overbearing manner, or misusing power and position), and excessive criticism.

And in 2014, the SoR emailed radiography managers across the UK asking them to take action against workplace bullying and to sign up to four basic principles to tackle it in their departments. Click here to see a list of the departments that have signed the pledge.

Sadly, students can also feel like they are being picked on, either in their educational institution or in the workplace while on clinical placement. 

To help, the SCoR has produced a quick guide to help radiography students identify and tackle the issue. This covers the many forms that bullying can take, their impact on the victim, and the action you should take if you are being bullied.

In addition, the SCoR has produced a more in-depth document on the issue, Dealing with bullying and harassment – a guide for student radiographers. Click here to download a copy. 

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