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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How TV represents radiographers


Lawyers are irritated by Broadchurch… Lab technicians are infuriated by the tidiness of the labs… Firefighters are fed up with the lack of smoke in burning buildings… It seems that radiographers are not alone in their dismay when their profession is badly depicted on screen…

BBC Magazine opened the floodgates when it looked at how jobs are portrayed on television and asked for viewers to get in touch with further examples of what dramas get wrong and what key information concerning their occupations was inaccurate. 

Amongst the photographers, nurses, optometrists and architects (and more!) who responded were two radiographers. 

Therapeutic radiographer Emma Morris commented: “I hate how they get confused about chemotherapy. Patients on TV always lose their hair, yet in reality it depends what chemo drugs you are prescribed,” while Cherry Black, an NHS diagnostic radiographer, said what infuriated her were “nurses and doctors doing x-rays, CT and MRI. They never do that. We train for three years and yet radiographers are invisible on TV!”

Click here to read the article and here for reader comments. 

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