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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Students urged to respond to independent prescribing proposals


The public consultation on proposals to introduce independent prescribing by radiographers across the UK has been published… And now it needs members - including student’s - voices to be heard on the issue.

Professional Officer Christina Freeman said: “It is important that the profession reacts positively to the proposals. The SCoR will submit a response but we also need all members to say what they think. 

“Everyone is welcome to respond and NHS England hopes to hear from the public, patients/patient representative groups, carers, voluntary organisations, healthcare providers, commissioners, doctors, pharmacists, allied health professionals, nurses, regulators, non-medical prescribers, the Royal Colleges and other representative bodies.”

The campaign to gain independent prescribing rights for radiographers is part of The Allied Health Professions (AHP) Medicines project, a joint initiative by NHS England and the Department of Health to extend prescribing, supply and administration of medicines to Allied Health Professions: independent prescribing by therapeutic and diagnostic radiographers and paramedics; supplementary prescribing by dietitians; and use of exemptions from Medicines Act Regulations by orthoptists.

Much work has been done already but now good quality supportive responses are needed to the public consultation in order to progress further.

There are five possible options listed within the consultation document regarding the introduction of independent prescribing by radiographers. The SCoR’s preferred option is Option 2: Independent Prescribing for any condition from a full formulary

This option would permit appropriately trained radiographers to independently prescribe any medicine for any condition, within their professional scope of practice and competence. This option has no limitations and would mean the greatest number of patients could benefit from more timely and therefore improved care, first time and in the right place.

In considering the options, the consultation asks 12 questions, including:

* Should amendments to legislation be made to enable radiographers to prescribe independently?

* Do you agree that radiographers should be able to prescribe independently from the proposed list of controlled drugs?

*Should amendments to medicines legislation be made to allow radiographers who are independent prescribers to mix medicines prior to administration and direct others to mix? 

Click here to read a SCoR briefing paper which lists the 12 questions and outlines the SCoR views on them all.

Click here to read the public consultation in full. The consultation runs for 12 weeks, closing on 22 May 2015. 

Christina concludes: “I would urge members to read all the documents, engage with colleagues, and respond to the consultation. I would also encourage you as radiographers to support the consultations for the paramedic, dietetic and orthoptist professions. We are far more effective as AHPs together than individually.”

If you have a question about the proposals, or the consultation, contact Christina.

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