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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review: How to Succeed at Interviews

Book review

'How to Succeed at Interviews' by Brigitte Kaviani and Andrew Brammer is a thoroughly comprehensive guide on the subject aimed at diagnostic radiographers.

It is a useful reference for anyone entering the profession, but also for those climbing the career ladder.

It is logically set out, covering everything from filling in application forms, to questions in radiography interviews. 

General advice common to all radiographers is included, but there are also sections addressing specific roles for example in MRI, CT and ultrasound, with sample questions aimed at these specialities. 

I found the ‘Latest hospital policies and NHS topics’ chapter particularly interesting for its explanations of pertinent issues.

It also includes insightful examples of how important policies impact radiographers.  

For all its wealth of information, which is obviously thoroughly researched (being written from both an interviewee and an interviewer point of view), I found its presentation in the form of a spiral bound A4 printed document did not do it justice. 

Presentation aside, it has demystified the job application process for me, helped me understand some of the jargon, and prompted me to take my first steps in applying for jobs in an exciting new career.

The only thing that could perhaps be added is a testament to its own success in helping the reader get the job, including a chapter on hints and tips on surviving the first six months in post! 

I would thoroughly recommend this book as essential reading for anyone serious about applying for a job as a diagnostic radiographer in the UK.

The book costs £10 and it can be purchased direct from the author -

Book review by Emily Ford

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