SCoR Talk


Monday, December 3, 2018 , Issue 172

SoR publishes UK workforce reports

Diagnostic radiography and therapeutic radiography

It’s time for the diagnostic and therapeutic workforce census

The profession needs your input

Rep of the Year 2019

Nominations to be made by the 8 February 2019

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence vacancy

Standing members needed for QSAC

IR(ME)R notifications down but not because of fewer incidents

CQC report

What people who have cancer want and need after treatment

Priority research questions

New content to support neonatal chest radiography

Management and care for youngest patients

WHY Fronts: 'Quality' Christmas

Asking the question WHY to promote quality service provision

Mental capacity decisions in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy

Guidance published 

Updates to National Diagnostic Reference Levels website

New and updated values

Sponsored Editorial: Manchester United FC and Canon Medical Systems continue clinical collaboration

Relationship to drive medical research and ensuring a faster return to the field of play.

Can you identify future managers for our professions?

Developing tomorrow’s Leaders: Essential Training for Radiography Managers