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Friday, May 17, 2013

Be brave in this new world

Professor Erika Denton National Radiology Managers Conference 2013

“To build your imaging service, you must be visible and bravely so,” said Professor Erika Denton as she explained the structure of the new NHS England at the National Radiology Managers Conference on 9 May.

“Communication is key. You can’t operate alone and in silence – it won’t work in the new system.”

She advised managers to get to know their local commissioning groups, and to focus on clinical services and the quality of care. “Put patients at the centre of everything you do and the chaos around you will start to resolve.”

Highlighting the financial and demographic issues, she acknowledged that imaging services have delivered enormous change over the last six years (almost doubling capacity in MR, CT and ultrasound), but in the UK, there are still fewer examinations than elsewhere in the Western world. With improved and timely access to imaging, outcomes could be improved.

“We have no option but to look at change in a completely different way,” she said. “AQP and the service delivery model are part of the solution. Extended seven day diagnostics will become the norm.

“If we resist, it will be done to us and if we embrace it then we can make it work. We need good tools to effect change like this and teleradiology and information sharing will be key.

“We need to approach 24/7 working as an opportunity and not a threat, as a mechanism for addressing capacity issues.”

To download Erika's presentation slides, click here.

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