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Friday, May 17, 2013

Nominations open for UK Radiographer and Team of the Year

Radiography Awards nomination 2013

Nominations are now open for the SoR Radiography Awards 2013.

Now in their tenth year, the awards give radiographers the opportunity to highlight colleagues who go that extra mile to make a difference to patients and improve service delivery.

Click here for the SoR UK Radiographer of the Year 2013 entry form.

Click here for the SoR UK Radiography Team of the Year 2013 entry form.

Please note that you are required to complete the nomination form in one sitting and cannot return to an unfinished form.

Why should I nominate?

Radiographers often talk of their frustration that the profession is not better recognised. How many times have you heard colleagues complain: “The health service is not just about doctors and nurses! We’re essential too!”

The profession’s profile has been raised significantly over recent years thanks to these annual awards. Coverage in newspapers local to award winners is immense – readers like to know about people who have ‘done good’, particularly if they are health professionals who work at the local hospital. It gives patients and families a good feeling if they are being looked after by award-winning practitioners.

But it's not fair to highlight one individual or one team above everyone else. We're all doing a good job.

The vast majority of practitioners do an excellent job, day in, day out. But the awards are the opportunity to let them know that their work and dedication is appreciated and should be recognised by both their peers and the public.There is no greater tribute than for your work to be acknowledged by your colleagues and the public know this. That’s why the Society’s awards are so highly regarded by non-radiographers. Practitioners are nominated by other members of the profession, who will choose those that they perceive to be the best.

Why else should I nominate?

A highlight for many winners is the presentation at the House of Commons before an invited audience of the ‘great and the good’ of radiography, plus members of parliament and a high profile guest who presents the awards.

Another benefit is that the profile of the individual’s or team’s department increases dramatically. Everyone in the hospital, from the chief executive to the department manager, are aware that a member of staff or a team has won a high profile, nationally recognised award.

But aren't the awards only for the profession's 'high flyers'?

No, they aren’t. The majority of winners over the years have been down-to-earth practitioners carrying out the same kind of work as most other radiographers. Yes, the judges are also interested in a candidate or a team who are doing something a bit special or being innovative.

What do I do next?

Click on either of the links below and complete the form.

Your nomination will go to your regional committee/national council for consideration. You must make your nominations by midnight on 28 June 2013 to be eligible for consideration.

The person who you nominate for the UK Radiographer of the Year award must be a current member of the Society of Radiographers. You too must be a member to be able to nominate them. A team must include at least one SoR member.

The awards will be made at the House of Commons in November.

Click here for the SoR UK Radiographer of the Year 2013 entry form.

Click here for the SoR UK Radiography Team of the Year 2013 entry form.

Need some inspiration? Please click here to view some example nominations.

The Society thanks FUJIFILM for their ongoing support and sponsorship of the awards.

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