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Friday, May 17, 2013

UKRC 2013: It's not too late to register

UKRC 2013 is just weeks away!

Held in Liverpool on 10-12 June, highlights will include eponymous lectures organised by the College of Radiographers and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).

SCoR member Maryann Hardy will deliver the CoR William Stripp Memorial Lecture, entitled ‘See how they grow!’

Delivering the Wellbeck Memorial Lecture will be the SCoR’s Director of Professional Policy Audrey Paterson. Audrey will share some insights into what the next ten years have in store for radiography.

The way to make the most of the event is to register for the full programme but if you are unable to register, the free-to-access exhibition is a brilliant CPD opportunity. Education on the Stand is a vital part of this learning experience. All sessions are free to attend and many are CPD Now endorsed or in the process of being endorsed. So, what's stopping you? Here's what's on offer:



Improving patient and data management in CT

This session discusses the challenges faced by the NHS today & how Certegra® software can help address those challenges. It includes a demonstration on  P3T®2.0 - Personalised Patient Protocol software – which allows for optimisation of Cardiac, CTPA & Abdominal CT imaging. It will also address how Certegra® accurately and consistently documents and distributes patient data across IT hospital systems to enable your department to enhance workflow and efficiency.

Monday & Tuesday: 11am, 1pm & 3pm and Wednesday: 11am, 1pm. Duration: 20 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.


Radiation dose tracking: Managing dose is a team effort

Radiation dose tracking should be part of a comprehensive quality assurance program if it is to contribute to improving patient safety. As a result, it is not simply a matter of implementing a system based on the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) profile, and it is essential to involve more than just the medical physicist and radiation safety officer. We will discuss how providing appropriate information and tools  to the ordering physician, radiologist, radiographer, and administrative staff throughout the radiology workflow can contribute to these efforts and provide a more complete solution. Presented by Gregory G Couch.

Monday & Tuesday: 10am, 2pm and Wednesday: 10am. Duration: 20 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

To book either of the Bayer sessions, please email, at your earliest convenience.

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Contrast induced nephropathy

2. An update on Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) and its link to the Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents (GBCA)

Lectures are available upon request from 9-11 June at a time to suit. Register on the stand early to avoid disappointment. Duration: 30 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.


OrthoView logo


Calibration objects, use & positioning in image scaling

Two sessions will be held explaining the radiographic technique for object placement on patients who's images are used by orthopaedic surgeons to plan joint replacement, trauma, spinal assessment and limb deformity correction. A demonstration of how the information is used in the OrthoView software will be included.

Email to confirm attendance. Numbers are limited.

Monday & Tuesday: 4-5pm. Duration: 45 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.


PACS – The Single Workspace

This course outlines how attendees can optimise clinical workflow using dedicated technology. The arrival of PACS solutions, providing access to Vendor Neutral Archives and IHE based data sharing in combination with sophisticated 2D/3D/4D viewing tools, has enhanced the information available to clinicians. Collaboration and communication tools within PACS also enrich the working environment and increase efficiency. During the course, Philips takes you through the new reality on PACS solutions.

To book a slot visit

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am. Duration 30 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.

'Patient Centred CT Imaging'

In the current age of high technology in CT, coupled with the high workloads and the need to keep image quality high with minimal dose, it's possible to use generic scanning protocols that your patient fits into. With new software it is possible to tailor make your patient's scan AND meet all these demands easily and quickly with a new simple, yet sophisticated user interface.
Let Philips show you how tailor making your patient's examination to answer their clinical need is easy.

To book a slot visit

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 11.30am. Duration 30 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.

Dispelling 3.0T MR myths

Held on the Cobalt trailer at UKRC, this course is a “did you know approach?” to imaging at 3.0T where some of the preconceived ideas of 3.0T will be addressed.  This introduction will include how to adopt different imaging strategies to maximise the advantages of 3.0T and an interactive demonstration in the differences between at 1.5T and 3.0T through comparing clinical images. 

To book a slot visit

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10.30am. Duration 30 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.

Spectral Imaging

An overview of spectral imaging. Photon counting makes it possible to acquire spectral data in the same exposure as a regular, low-dose mammogram, and without the use of contrast media. See why this single-shot, non-invasive approach does not require adjustments to your current workflow, and no additional radiation dose is needed to acquire the spectral data. Find out how spectral data can provide a quantitative breast density measurement and make a difference for radiologists looking for an accurate, method to assess breast density and refine risk assessment. Discover how spectral data can also be used to characterise a legion to improve the specificity of the screening process.

To book a slot visit

Monday, Tuesday: 3.30PM and Wednesday: 9.30pm. Duration 30 minutes. CPD Now endorsed.


Hot topics in surgery

The use of flat panel detectors in theatre c-arms, including advancements in image quality and general benefits over traditional image intensifier c-arms

The use of flat panel detectors in c-arms brings a new era in surgical imaging. In this session we will look at the advancements from image intensifier to flat panel detector and the benefits this can offer. Introducing Siemens new Cios Alpha, we will also discuss how this system can provide you with outstanding image quality combined with the power you need for extended, complex procedures. Whether repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm or checking the placement of pedicle screws in spinal surgery, the unique innovations of the Cios Alpha represent a significant step forward in mobile c-arm technology.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 10:00am

. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in CT: Dynamics of PE studies

The aim of this talk is to look at all the various aspects that can have an impact on the quality of the CTPA examination. From the dynamics of contrast media, to scan techniques and image quality tips, and how we can best use these to ensure a higher quality diagnostic examination at the right dose.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 10:30am

. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in radiography: Imaging techniques and the benefits of a complete integrated DR solution

The technology used in Siemens Digital Radiography has evolved significantly over the years. This is ensuring the best workflow while still achieving excellent image quality with the lowest dose possible for our patients. Siemens has introduced new technology across the world to eliminate the need for computed radiography in any department. In this session, the progressions made in system technology will be presented with a particular focus on advanced imaging techniques.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 11:00am. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now
endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in imaging IT: Advanced visualisation, clinical advantages and experiences

Advanced visualisation is opening up the world of high end modality imaging. Scanning technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years however the traditional IT support systems for clinical staff such as PACS and 3D workstation technologies have struggled to keep pace. This session will look at the newer concept of advanced visualisation and how this provides the ideal platform to complement the newer scanning technologies moving into the future.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 11:30am. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in MR: Advances in orthopaedic imaging

This presentation will deliver an overview of recent developments and advances in orthopaedic imaging. Topics will include: 3D imaging, biochemical imaging, metal reduction WARP and VAT leading onto workflow and the spine DOT engine.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 1:30pm. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in CT: The right dose for all CT patients

When undertaking CT examinations, it is essential to provide good clinical results with the highest patient safety. When it comes to applying radiation, ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable, is the overarching principle. In this presentation, we will look at the techniques and technology that have allowed scans at sub-mSv doses to find their way into clinical routine. We will also consider that every clinical question and every single patient demands an individual and specific dose level and how we ensure this is delivered.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 2pm. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in radiology: Dose management in the interventional room

With ever more complex procedures taking place in the interventional room and the potential for a rise in dose, this session will look at basic techniques for dose reduction and how advances introduced by Siemens have helped to measure, record and reduce dose.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 14:30. Duration: 25 minutes. CPD Now endorsement applied for.

Hot topics in ultrasound: eSie Fusion Imaging in Radiology

Siemens eSie Fusion technology solves one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of fusion workflow - 3D alignment. This new innovation supports manual and point-based 3D volume alignment methods in addition to automatic alignment of CT volumes with a single click. With eSie Fusion Imaging on the ACUSON S3000 system, fusion can now be easily integrated into routine clinical practice. 

Monday & Tuesday: 3pm. Duration: 25 minutes.
 CPD Now endorsement applied for.

To book any of the above sessions, email Sarah Cowan:


An introduction to VNA

Please join us on the stand for a short presentation on an introduction to vendor neutral archives. This presentation is open to everyone as we look at VNA in the clinical setting. We will discuss why Trusts should be considering VNA as an integral part of their clinical systems.

Monday 10:45, Tuesday 9:45, Wednesday 11:45. Duration: 15 minutes.

Visbion VNA – Securing your clinical data

Our second presentation looks in a little more detail about how Visbion’s VNA offering, 'Image Archive' can guarantee complete data ownership, and through compliance with international health standards, future-proof all your clinical data. We will also introduce our partnership with Hitachi Data Systems in providing the Hitachi Clinical Repository, a hospital-wide solution for archiving all data types.

Monday 15:15, Tuesday 13:15, Wednesday 14:15. Duration: 15 minutes.

Please register in advance for these sessions by emailing


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Mobile C-arms in Hybrid Rooms and Advanced 3D Applications

This session will be led by Dr Stefan Wagner, director global product management, and Eva-Maria Ilg, global product manager, 3D and Navigation, Ziehm Imaging GmbH, Germany. Dr Wagner will explain how he and his team are pushing the boundaries in mobile imaging, particularly in products for use in hybrid room environments. Eva-Maria Ilg will introduce the latest advanced 3D imaging products developed by the company and explain the significant benefits that 3D accuracy can bring to the patient, the surgical team and to the economics of the healthcare system.

Tuesday: 2-3pm. Duration: One hour.
 CPD Now endorsement applied for.

UKRC 2013: Satellite Symposia

For the latest information, please download the PDF. There are two lecture theatres in the exhibition area which have a full free programme of sessions to complement the main scientific programme. The sessions are open to all delegates including exhibition visitors, providing an opportunity to get updates and gain CPD free of charge. The symposia programme is subject to change with many additional sessions to come. 


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