SCoR Talk

Issue 144

Friday, June 10, 2016

Richard Evans

Radiology, the new horizon

Making a difference, making things better

Dr Clare Price Dowd

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow by being the best that you can be

Leaders are made, not born

David Tipper

“We have to decide whether we manage demand, or demand manage”

Solving the workload conundrum

Dr Richard Roope

"We have to invest now to save later"

The perfect storm

Hazel Colyer

“45 years of teaching and experience counted for nothing”

The patient experience

The future workforce

Equipping your workforce today to manage the demands of tomorrow

"It's time for a change"

Rachel and David

ISAS: "Paperwork was the cornerstone to our success"

Top tips for ISAS accreditation

Georgina Charlton

ISAS: "You need to have a clear vision for the project"

Guy's and St Thomas' journey

Nicola Kennedy

EMRAD - Shared benefits

Shifting to a collaborative network

Clare S and Clare M

The role of a consultant radiographer

"It's easy to implement, so encourage your radiographers"

Wendy Wilkinson

Trust, care, passion and fresh thinking

Quality management in the independent sector