SCoR Talk

Issue 158

Friday, July 7, 2017

NCRM 2017

Patient, Performance, Productivity, The three Ps in tomorrow’s radiology services

NCRM 2017

Richard Evans

Battling on the frontline

"Philips perfect partners"

Neil Mesher

Days of future past

How will we cope with increasing demand?

Panel debate

The future of radiology – is artificial intelligence (AI) the answer?

"AI is not THE answer, but it is an answer"

Pam Black

Altogether Now!

"Success is going from failure to failure without giving up"

Nick Woznitza

Immediate reporting: The time is now

"Early access diagnosis is the key to improvement"

Bev Snaith

Point of care creatinine: Making a difference for patients

Improving cancer pathway without compromising safety

Tim Taylor

Trust through transparency

"Clinical quality is not the number of people going through a scanner"

Leigh Jenkins

Knowledge is power

"Our members are at the heart of what we do"

David White

Working together to gain efficiencies

"It’s about being open and committed to partnership"

Heather Bruce

Feel free to speak up; it’s about patient safety!

"As staff we need to speak up because patients don't"

Lesley Wright

We can do today’s work today

"Sometimes it’s not a flow constraint, it’s a policy constraint"

Kim Robertson

What do you do with a PET MRI? That’s what we’re trying to find out!

Using technology better to improve patient care