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Tuesday, October 31, 2017, Issue 162

Service Managers: Radiography Workforce Census

Service managers

SCoR members and affiliates who manage radiography services - NHS and independent providers - will be receiving an email request to complete one of the most important studies carried out annually: the Diagnostic Radiography and Radiotherapy Departments’ Workforce Survey.

Service managers will receive an email request from the Society to complete an online Survey Monkey questionnaire, asking for workforce data as of 1 November 2017.

“It is vital that as many managers as possible complete the survey,” Charlotte Beardmore, the Society’s director of professional policy, said.

“The data we are given informs us and a wide range of stakeholders about the level of vacancies in departments and will provide us with evidence we can use to feed into submissions to the Pay Review Body,” Charlotte continued.

“The questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete as long as respondents have the data for 1 November to hand.”

If you are a diagnostic or therapeutic radiography manager and you have not received the survey email, please contact Eugene Statnikov, the Society's knowledge manager.

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